Krie Marina

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A tall motherly built amazonian! Soft flexible skin with a strange soothing warmth stretches taut over the battle hardened muscles that pull it tightly over her form. The sharp lethal beauty of her statuesque body, rising to six feet and ten inches, is shaped without error into a smoothe ruddy bronzed over tone. Long fiery locks of red hair cascade down over her shoulders with a slight wave making it seem more alive as she fights, although it's usually kept beneath a helmet, otherwise leveling off just at the middle of her back- her back built with the strong muscles of a swimmer or archer although maintaining a smoothe feminine shape.

In addition to the more visible piercings and body modification she also occasionally wears a barbell piercing through each of the small nipples crowning her creamy tits. Her ponderous chest is quite large, enough so that it may even appear out of place on her figure, already requiring bulkier armor then necessary to contain those delicious mounds. Very supple, they are also quite touchable, round, firm; they bob up and down with each laugh, jiggle with each step, but always bounce springily right back into place on her broad chest. When unarmored she often contains them in tops that are just enough to hold them in, and almost appearing as if failing at that, though one of her favored articles of clothing is a corset; forcing the amazonian woman to keep a more feminine figure and tight crushing back those juicy milky melons, squeezing them into an enticing cleavage begging for attention. The attentive or interested individual might even be able to coax some of her milk from those huge oversensitive udders with the right stimulation!

Her waist tucks in enough to keep her figure proportionate despite it's hardened appearance, then flared out to a majestic set of large hips. Her behind sticks out quite proudly, round and lush, very inviting be it shown through tight leather, loose slacks or the heavy loincloth keeping her covered in spartan elegance. Though usually disciplined and walking with a purpose it shifts with the movement of her hips, her soft though firm bottom jiggling just slightly with each heavy footfall of her march. Her legs are thick and hardened, though maintaining a feminine appeal to her toned and hardened appearance, working together with her delectable rear to glorify each movement she makes. She is quite proud of her lower body, and usually attempts to reveal a good amount of thigh when able.

Between her legs is the feature you skimmed down this description to check on- a heavy, sagging sack packed full of cum, hindering her walking sometimes to add to her rigid gait, and a bestial cock sheathe. Often times the air around her is thick with the intoxicating, heavy musky scent of her arousal, and she tends to wear loose pants to hide her giant equine cock should the thick meaty length slip from it's protective sheathe, always coated in a slick sheen of sticky precum oozing from the flat tip naturally lubricating the length of her cock with throbbing bulging veins along the meaty shaft. Most partners find the taste of the cum she endlessly expunges from her bloated balls painfully addicting, a fact that she's often quick to abuse. Thick enough that a hand can't wrap around it completely, her twitching member remains somewhat soft and still malleable even when fully aroused, too much to properly get a full flow of blood to the huge horse cock, though it does give it that partially bendable quality to get into all those deep places and odd angles.

Behind her bloated and swollen balls rests her tiny feminine slit, hidden away beneath that huge fat sack and all too often overlooked. While her meaty horsecock holds the size it clearly must be overcompensating for such a delightfully cute little organ hidden behind it; the soft perpetually glistening folds of her delicate little slit stay in a constant state of arousal much to Krie's displeasure- or unfortunate forced pleasure. To the sensitive nose that little exploitable pussy reeks of fertility just as intensely as the heavy sack it hides behind, begging to stretch and clench around any invading member and milk it into her vulnerable womb.

Pregnancy or the risk of
Domme-breaking (mostly recieving)
Breast or cock milking
Cervical penetration
Drugs, poison, or other means of forced control or behavioral change
Dominant females

I'm a go for supernatural characters like celestials, demonic or reptillian monsters and most supernatural abilities that they may come with like mental influence or corruption. I prefer herm or shemale partners but enjoy normal females as well. I switch and can top or bottom equally- don't be shy about making Krie bottom just because she is big! I especially /love/ being treated as a cow and milked or being objectified for my body.

If you have any questions or kinky ideas just shoot me a tell. I /love/ to chat about things.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human