Salianie Menden

A young trainee Paladin. While she does not appear to have the most impressive build, by Sinfer standards, she is none the less well toned and muscled, due to the unforgiving training she was put through. You do not see any clear symbols of a particular deity upon her person, but she can clearly channel some of her god's divine powers to strike at evil around her.


This is not so much a RP Character as an ERP/Scene Character On-Demand. PM Me when you want to arrange something, and I will explain why.

What I am after: Rape Scenes/Adventure leading to such. As an example, heading into a "Dungeon" or Ruin in search of some great evil and being defeated by it. These do not tend to happen out of the blue at Sinfer Square so some preparations are in order.  

Usually typing that you can do "anything" to a character does not suffice, so below is a lengthy, though inconclusive, list of things you can do to this PC. I shall underline, these are the extremes (since once you know the extremes you know where you can go from there):

Bestiality, Torture (Harder is Bettah), Gore, Vore, Forced Impregnation, Mind Control, Corruption, Death, Insects, Demons, Monsters, Magical Enhancement/Mutation, Degradation (in so many forms)... Just a few off the top of my head.

The Cannots: Extremely Poor Narration (you do not have to write a novel, but by god at least put some effort into it!), Scats and Watersports (these are always an issue for me), Vanilla Ice Cream.

ONE IMPORTANT THING: Due to the Extremes listed above a normal character would, most likely be thrown into the Trash Can after just one such encounter, as such this character will often be "recycled", and no continuity of previous events will be present. This is just so that both me, and other players, can enjoy a "fresh" experience, and not end up with a catatonic wreck, or somebody who was permanently enslaved.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human