Esmorda Di Nockmar

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~This is an Official mark for the Midland Character Series~

Full Name: Esmorda, Duchess of Nockmar second cousin to the Duke of Cavellum

Occupation: Duchess of Nockmar, Current Residence of House Nockmar, Tenebre Center

Other Names: Witch Queen of Nockmar, The Queen of Monsters, or The Bitch of Nockmar

Age: <Redacted>
Sex: <Redacted>
Eye Color: Hazel or Brown
Height: 6 1
Origin: Midland, Venesia, Cavellum
Race: Venesian (Italian Like Humanoids)

Theme Song:

~Personality Traits~

Is Evil! Muahahaa! (Lawful Evil), Dominant, Confidant of herself,Somber like Demeanor (more observant and quiet), and worst of all... loves to humiliate! to Belittle or step on you for her amusement!


~Whites/ Greens~
Femdom, Submissive's (female only), Women who like tall confidant women, Magical Charming, Witchcraft, Body Shapes, drugs, Belly Play, Causing Chaos, Worship of all types, Leather, Giving: Humiliation, Breeding, impregnation, Bondage, Pets/beasties/bestiality, Whipping, Petting, Anal, Bondage, Caging, Creampies, Being called Mistress, Caressing, snuggling, Friendships, Tickling, Walking, Animals

~Reds -
Anything against server rules does not belong on Esmorda,including scat or poo However she wont hesitate to humiliate you for her own amusement! This also includes Pedophillia, Any Bios that are blanks (unless being worked on), penetration is a Yellow light (If done right) Impregnation, Being Dominated, or asking to be your dump are a Red Light.

New RED Light Addition: If your bio is left very vague about your character (that also includes no lights) and you approach Esmorda for RP, be prepared to be ignored. If you waste my time I will leave. Period.

New Characters , or again W.I.P, Bio's are the exception to this! :) I will happily help shape your character, but I need more to go on!

Hermaphrodites in general are a yellow light ~(it depends entirely on my mood, and how well i can be persuaded by good RP! be opened minded and I will too!)

~At a Glance~

Esmorda would be fairly tall, her outfit representing less on fashion and more on Comfort, obscurity, and mystery. It would be loose or "floaty" and would give her the appearance of gliding as she walks.

Her eyes observant, sharp, and penetrating. She naturally attunes herself to anyone submissive and is attracted to there auras.

Her lips plump, and full like a delicious fruit. Her Garnet lipstick would be most prevalent addition.

Her body would be athletic, with a hint of baby fat. Her body shown signs of many years tarnished by Dark Magic, Child Birth, Practice of Witchcraft and Myst Craft (Midland Evil magic)and abuse

~As for anything else, you must RP for it to help shape her! help me by making her an awesome character!~

~Esmordas' Background~

Esmordas ancestral history relates mostly to powerful women, or Witches, who have ruled the Southern Region of her world Midland for many Centuries.

Nockmar itself is a 'Magocracy', a society ruled by powerful Mages, witches, or Wizards. Esmorda is head of her own council and rules absolute in her crusade of powerful artifacts

She herself is a "prodigy " or 'Prophecy Child' of aggressive selective breeding, and careful tutoring to raise her to become a 'Witch Queen'. a title only once bestowed upon in Midlands History.

Currently she resides in a small school for young aspiring Witches known collectively as House Nockmar and rules it very similar to that of a Drow House.

~As for anything else, you must RP for it to help shape her! help me by making her an awesome character!~
Player:-Taboo Magic-
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human