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Ever shifting, ever changing, ever twisting. The graceful Adelaide yet again has fallen astride the whims of those closest to her. Form and figure shifted, twisted and changed, the supple body gracefully morphed and taken truly to the draconian heritage that lay deep within. Yet a plant of such resilience does not so lightly wilt. Glimmering orbs of blue shimmering with curiosity and salacious interests, gentle pale flesh hinted ever so slightly with teases of green at the edges of the lush red strands of hair. Playful in offering and sweet in pallor the gentle continence an ever twisting mix of regal strength and wanton pleasures.

The smooth and supple flesh, silken in the even grace, and plush and pliable offering the hints of firm resilience at every touch to glide and stroke the give of the flesh. The supple nature of the smooth form warm to the touch in the wake of every trace motion. Bounties offered by the simple grace of each movement, a far cry from the previous weaving leaves of green. Hints of dragon scale, teasing of leaf patterns, a true hybrid born of a creature just as twisted in nature.

Having grown all to fond of the immense, horse-like endowment that hung there with imposing lust, the dragoness with hints of dryad, had adapted to the situation with her typical eager and keen glee. The equine length offering a thick sheathe for concealment until arousal prompted the thick shaft to slide free. The potent rich and thick seed slick with the sweet-smelling pre-cum, the oozing and hot cream originating from the massive and full leathery sack of her cum-filled testicles, each the size of an average soccer-ball, sloshing with her potent draconian cream with every step.

Following the flowing curves of the lovely and long legs, down to delicate toes, the nails smooth and rounded, the strong digits ample for gripping into the soil or offering balance while perched upon high heels. Sliding up her body and the lush promising offering voluptuous curves until her massive breasts, the full melons perky and swollen upon her chest, the nipples pert and ever-hard nubs, surrounded with the hints of supple green scales upon the creamy flesh. Hinting once more at the rich and sweet milk within remains for those daring enough to suckle, upon the massive orbs closing in on a perfect J-Cup all to able to grasp even the thickest and longest of lengths between the soft valley.

Her gentle features hardly marred by the hints of dryad about her nature, while the previous hints of sinister have taken to full blossom, elegant horns just back from the sides of her head, curling back behind her pointed ears, through the strands of hair and a draconian tail to lash all to frequently back and forth behind her. The arches and curves along her back displaying proudly the scales of a draconian heritage.

Her scent a soft if heady mixture of lavender and cinnamon, hinting at her own pheromones and aphrodisiac like pollen that wafts off the long leaves of her hair and radiates off the thick-equine-member. Most potent between her supple thighs the moist petals of her labial lips, the sticky juices clinging to her feminine folds, the over all effect a pleasant one for most.

The otherworldly powers can further further manifest themselves, dripping down  within the shadows she can call around her, gracing her figure in the hints of suppressed reality; thick tentacles in a warped and carnal bounty. Each tendril once summoned lifts itself from her spine, an obsidian appendage smooth and coated in a thick and supple slime, the clinging jet-black fluid dripping down as if liquid shadows from each tentacle apparated by the sage. As the fluid parts from the tendrils, either by force of gravity or a simple touch, it disperses into a clinging prism of sweet and supple oil-like-liquid, slicking any surface it comes into contact with.

Adelaide by the numbers:

Height: Variable
Build: Lithe yet lewdly curvaceous in the chest and hips.
Cup Size: J-Cup
Sex: Herm

Red Lights: Males, but otherwise No hard reds beyond server rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human