Emily Rosewind

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Update: Mostly ooc part 8. Jan.

     Name: Emily Rosewind
     Race: Human / Minor Devil
     Age: Over 25
     Height: 5.4 (165cm)
     Weight: Not featherlight
     Gender/Sex: Female
     Bust: E
     Eyes: Dark Purple/Brown
     Status: Single

Differences of her two forms:
The human form looks just as the pink one, but does not have tail, wings, longer tongue, horns or pointy ears. Remember that, when reading the bio about how she looks like. Her eyes are brown in human form.

Quick look:

  Some people might regonize this light purple skinned girl. Sharing the familiar shapes of face, eyes and most of body, she might remind a lot of person called Emily Rosewind, who was usual human woman earlier. She appears to be closer thirties rather than twenties.

  No matter what happened, she currently has several signs of demonic origins in form of small horns, tail and wings. These small features combined together with Emily's earlier friendly and soft look reduced greatly the seriousness of how demonic she looked overall. Comparing to other devils or demons, she looked clearly inferior, reminding something like a human sized curvy imp.

More detailed:

  Face/Head: Emily's face still shared that soft, warm and kind look she has had. Her eyes are currently dark purple, big and almond shaped. The silky hair has also became more red, having a hint of purple color in it as well. The small black horns adorned the top and sides of her head, close to her long pointed ears. In case someone got into closer contact with her, she was still using that cherry tasting lipstick. Also, her tongue had became a bit longer.

  Bust/Stomach: She is still 5.4 feet tall and has generous and firm, melon like purple breasts. Her soft nipples stood on the big areolas. Looking then lower at her, it appears she has slightly shape of belly on stomach. Considering Emily's style of clothing, it was usually squeezed a little bit inward to bring up more hourglassy type of body than it was in reality.

  Hips/Backside: Her body expands soon into wide hips and a plump rear, which actually honestly said was a bit fatty. If someone had her eye on Emily for longer time, it could be noted that in small time a bit more shape had became into them. Sitting down made her rear to spread a bit to sides.

  Wings/Tail/Horns: The tail, wings and horns seemed all too small compared to usual size of those parts in people who have genetic background for them. When touched, the horns feeled slightly warm, but appeared to be bone. Wings were small, occasionally idly flapping. Clearly, these useless wings were not developed to fly anything bigger than a small imp or pixie, which Emily was neither of. The tail appeared to be as well very small and under developed. It had really dark purple skin covering it from base to the spaded tip.

  Makeup: Emily rarely wears any makeup or paints nails except dark eyeliner and the red lipstick. These make her almond shaped eyes look more striking and thin lips more full.

  Overall, that plump body seemed rather clumsy. It's also rather clear, that the demonic parts didn't help much. She still has also her tattoo; red rose on left thigh.

OOC Part:
Colors and ERP part:

Long version with more details:
http://www.f-list.net/c/Emily Rosewind
(Includes pics of human and pink form)

Short version of greens:
Being descriptive which is more important than anything else. Messy cum fun. Preference order: shemales, herms, females (other masculine traits considered as no good thing, especially if there's too much of it)

In case of accidents, I do dice roll about pregnancy. She however does have her own baby preventation stuff.

- ERP: I have used to write a lot of text. I expect same from you. Only one sentence or two repeatively is not enough for me. Also, if it takes f.e. 10-15+ min for you to write short emote, I might leave.

And important sexual reds: MEN, poop, animals, any animal pole, rape, torture

Last note:
While I'm fairly tell friendly, I anyway prefer IC approaches to OOC approaches (For example, a letter sent as tell is IC).
Player:Emily Triss
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human