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----Additions to the character----

Those sensitive to such things might sense just the faintest of celestial auras emitting from this ooze, no matter her shape. Rather than the ooze itself being celestial, the aura feels as if it were a leftover from something lingering about the wad of green sludge.

Along with the celestial aura, there was however a definite feel of demon influence on the ooze - somehow the ooze kept raditating both auras at the same time, though the hellish one seemed more potent.

It wasn't entirely impossible to sometimes see some human internal organ also sculpt itself when the ooze is in her humanoid shape, the organs weaved of a mesh of slightly darker green goo, leaving them just barely visible within the murky goo.

---Original description---

Mönja is what seems to be a sentient ooze. Her body is made up of a lime-green, somewhat translucent goo; light passes through her as it does through murk-tinted water.

She can usually be seen in one of her two most common states: a generally shapeless puddle or blob ooze, or in the shape of a slender and well-proportioned female - or in something in between the two shapes. When in her humanoid shape, her lower half will sometimes be spread in a puddle, in which she could be mistaken to be bathing, whereas sometimes she will simply sprout from the puddle around ankle-height while remaining otherwise humanoid.

A sharp observer could easily deduce that she, like other ooze, is blind and her eyes are merely an imitation of human appearances. Instead she senses those around her via a combination of detecting body heat, tremors from movement and vibrations from sound. She can apparently smell and follow pheromone trails to some extent as well. It is due to this that she fares badly with some of the residents of Sinfar, the undead, the occasional poikilotherm and others lacking in body heat in particular as she will often misinterpret their presence and try to feed on them as carrion.

When she moves in her humanoid shape, her body appear to bend in all the wrong places and are capable of motions that would pale even the most skilled contortionists, rendering her imitation of humanoids quite obvious and easy to notice. She lacks any and all organs, and many have compared her largerly featureless appereances to that of a mannequin or roughly hewn statue.

Her "face" is quite delicately composed while, however, remaining somewhat eerily detailless. She possesses a straight nose, rounded ears - like those of a human - and large, however not unpropotionally, "eyes", which carry a slightly higher concentration of green colour, making them the only visibly different coloured part on her face. If one were to shine a strong enough light to see through the back of her head, or if one was to look from the sides, her eyes would appear as merely two flat, concentrated spots of colour on the front of her face. Her nose and ears lack any inlets.

She sports a mane of "hair" on her head, it carries the slightly darker shade of green as her eyes and is locked in a perpetual downwards flow over her shoulders, cascading down her back like a gooey waterfall before mixing with the rest of her body again.

She eats by simply ingesting the desired object, leaving behind only inorganic matter she cannot digest. The lenght of the process varies on the matter to be consumed, but it's not entirely rare to see her last meal floating about within her body in a semi-digested state. If one leaves their hand inside her body overnight, they're likelly to wake up with a nasty rash and in worst cases, to find their skin digested away to the dermis.

Usually, when she moves over a surface, she will wipe it clean of small debris and particles, and expelling undesired matter shortly thereafter. She does not stain a surface she moves over, nor does she leave behind a trail - save for a trail of swept-clean surfaces. The ooze that makes up her body seems to keep itself largerly composed, only very rarely will a portion of her body be separeted, and even then the separated sections will attempt to join together as soon as possible.

While her oozy body feels more oily than water-based to the touch, she seems able to absorb water to her body, often resulting in increased size. Putting your hand inside her feels like sticking your hand inside warm jello, and the surface tension in her body is relatively easily to overcome.

While she often forgoes any sort of clothing, she can however sometimes be spotted wearing a bright yellow raincoat of thin rubber. She seems unable to absorb the said garment, and it would almost seem like it was "floating" on her surface as she wore it.

A boring wad of green gunk. Sometimes sexy.
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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human