Name : Istril Sebastianna Winterlance
Nicknames : Izzy, Iz, Stabby, Princess Stab, That Bitch
Race : Elven
Height : 4'11"
Weight : 90lbs
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Grass Green
Skin : Fair
Sex : Female
Bust : C

The liquid grace of elvenkind is not lost upon the female before you. She moves easily, if not elegantly, with a metered stride of poise and confidence. When not stuffed carelessly into a brooding hood, her long blonde hair falls straight and silken to just past her bottom. The yellow locks frame an angular face with high cheek bones and uptilted almond shaped eyes the color of grass. A small nose and lush pouty lips complete the deceptively angelic face, often broken with a knowingly wicked grin. Her ears come to the typical point, accentuated by dual piercings along the cartilage in the form of small silver hoops. A graceful neck falls to the sculpted shoulders of a gymnast, with accompanyingly muscled arms and graceful slender hands. Her bust was ample, an easy 'C', enough for most hands to be satisfied. Her waist hourglassed nicely, a flat expanse of unmarked flesh at her tummy, curving to flare out into dancer's hips, rolling around to the toned apple bottom. All these perched atop athletically muscled thighs and immaculate calves. The faint scent of evergreen mixed with cherries accompanies her everywhere.

Lights :

Reds : Scat, Gore, Vore, Rape, Slavery, Server Illegal, OOC Drama

Yellows : Women, Shemales, Herms, Groups, Gangbangs

Greens : Men, Monstrous/Large Races (Orcs, Minotaurs, Lizardmen, Dragons), Outsiders (Demons, Devils, Celestials), Vanilla, Anal (Receiving), Spanking (Receiving), Oral (Giving/Receiving), Titjobs, Handjobs, Swallowing

This is but a brief list of accepted and unaccepted kinks. Player is quite open-minded and tell friendly so don't be afraid to ask her for what you want. She is never AFK long so your responses will be addressed quickly and with no malice or judgement. Play on, gamers!
Player:magic deep within
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf