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I am tell friendly, but there are limits, Sinfar is my escape and I like it to remain immersive whenever possible.

I would like to thank the Cat-ta-Berry Beach Bunny's for allowing me to use their Bio Template and would like to thank everyone that has contributed knowingly or unknowingly to it. ;)

Name: Xaria
Age: Adult (as measured by Human Conventions)
Race: Draenei
Sex: Female
Eyes: White
Skin: Blue
Height 3'11"
Weight: 70 lbs.
Measurements: 30A/25/32
Orientation: Bi (submissive to anything with male genitalia)
Faction: "Cat ta Berry Beach Bunny"


Location: Shin Khitai
Region: Sinfar Isles
Continent: Faerûn
World: Abeir-Toril

there are several schools of thought on this server as to where these Isles exist but for the sake of this bio we are going to assume that this group of islands is in the Forgotten Realms.


The small blue Draenei that stands before you appears oddly exotic with her blue hair and polished black horns, in some ways resembling the demons found in the Kingdoms of Faerûn. For those that have seen the few Draenei that have found their way to islands of Sinfar, she too has all the feature that define their kind, White pupiless eyes, viscious claws and the lower half of a goat down to the polished hooves, plus the always adorned tail that the Draenei seem so fond of. She is casual yet respectful and has an air of naive innocence to her, her body is sleek, agile and fast and her outward appearance reflects it, she is slight of frame with small petite breasts.


Born in Sinifer, her Sire is Lady Chartia A blue skinned demon and her mother is Xoana a Draenei whore that fell through a plane portal and found herself here.
Due to her diminutive size she has sought refuge and safety on the Isle of Cat ta Berry.

[Lights] [These are MY lights for this character and should not be considered a shopping list of things she/I will just let you do to her]

Note (New Things): If something isn't on here, ask first. You will get an answer, and I will evaluate it and decide if I will add it to the list.

Note (Fade-To-Black): If it's a "Yellow Light" and I'm not feeling up to it, you may ask to "Fade-To-Black" that action, skipping over the RP, but having it happen in game regardless. I still have the right to say no in this case.

[White] (part of everyday life, happens without thought)

Romance, Vanilla, Kissing, Groping, Naughty Lessons, Subtle Play, Dress Up, loving tender caring RP.


Men, Women, Herms, Shemale, Groups, Animals, Exotic Races (Beast, Fiend, Insect...), Nudism, Voyeurism (being watched or watching others with prior OOC consent), Humiliation (moderate in private) or minor in public.

[Yellow] (situational - something I may do with you one time and then not the next, prior approval is not required, but don't be upset if I stop it.)

Rape, Watersports, violence in ERP, Branding, Kidnapping, Sexual Bleeding, Fluids (feeding, wearing), Cervical Penetration, Excessive Cum, Inflation (Cum Bloating), Tentacles, Bondage, Rough/Messy Sex, Fisting, Anal, Oral.

[Red] (this is bad, I won't do this, I will warn you once then leave.)

Vore, Gore, Scat, Death, Dismemberment, Torture, Abusive Player Treatment, Pedo, Permanent Anything, God Modding, Anything that violates server rules, Mutilation, Perma Death
Player:Masochistic Submissive
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf