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Name: Karin
Age: Mid-thirties
Profession: Former adventurer
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair colour: Blonde, long, and loose
Eyes: Blue and attentive.
Sexual preference: Submissive
Partner preference: Shemales, herms.

Brief description:

Where once stood a proud warrior, now stands a curvacious cowgirl. Time spent in the city has softened Karin, her figure tending more towards the buxom than the toned soldier's physique she once possessed. She has a motherly hourglass figure, with hefty full breasts, a taut tummy and tapering waist, and wide child-rearing hips. She wears her golden hair long and loose, swept back over her shoulders and draping down her back, the woman occasionally brushing a strand from her deep blue eyes. Her skin is a rich tan - with no trace of tan-lines - and tattoos curve up her figure. These tattoos trace two bands around her biceps and forearms, as well as curving enticing designs across her hips, while her left leg is completely devoted to the designs. The tattoos at first glance appear to be lewd, degrading images of figures - mainly feminine figures - in various compromising or outright compromised acts. Upon close inspection the images and scenes are created by lettering in some language or another. In addition to those masterful tattoos, less subtle markings mingle with them; a tribal arrow pointing downwards adorns her smooth-shaved pelvis, while a curving tribal design occupies her lower back.

Reds: Males, scat and toilet-play.

Yellows: Females in ERP.

Greens: Shemales and herms, rough play, submitting, rape, messiness, anal and oral and vaginal, large insertions, bigger and smaller partners, tattoos, brandings, and piercings, transformation play in general, clever use of magic, dress-up play... Lots of other things.

Tell-friendly, so if you're curious about anything let me know! :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human