Aria d'Vries

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Full Name: Ariathia Melani d'Vries
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Gender: Female
Eyes: Deep Blue
Build: Somewhat curvy, toned, agile
Chest: D

Aria was surprisingly adorable and cute, her youthful features betraying her young age - barely having reached the cusp of adulthood. Her smooth skin was nigh flawless, aside from the occasional little scar, but somehow Aria wore it gracefully.

Her sapphire eyes shone with inquisitive curiosity, and while she was fairly cautious about a lot related to the city, her curiosity tended to win out over caution for the most part. She was a little feral - obviously one far more used to the wilds than civilization - but friendly enough. She was unlikely to lash out for no reason.

However, the little beauty seemed utterly inept at speaking common - her understanding of it fractured at the best of times. It was clear that this wasn't her first language, but if one could find a language Aria spoke, they'd find she was surprisingly intelligent.

((One note before we get on reds - all actions have IC consequences. You can try to do most things to Aria that aren't redlisted, but if she doesn't like it, there will be IC resistance. By attempting to force Aria to do something she doesn't want to do, you agree to any resulting in character consequences, and you shall have no hard feelings from the player.))

((That said, these are player lights - not necessarily character lights.))

Scat, Piss, Vore, Gore, Sexual Torture, Death

Massive Insertions, Permanent Transformation, Enslavement

All races and genders, fiends, beasts, greenskins, Corruption, Temporary Transformation, Breeding and Pregnancy, Adventure, Romance, Minor/Temporary Mind Control/Influence, Collars and Leashes, Rape, and many other things!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human