Nothing super interesting from the distance, striking as the more mundane- and average-looking woman in the city. She has a rather tomboyish dress-style, usually wearing tanktops and some shorts; anything easy.  

Weavy-Brown hair, somewhat unkempt, and it ends near the base of her neck. Dark eyes and a small road of freckles running from cheek to cheek.  Mara is not particularly tall, but a bit stocky, and looking further she has dirty hands like she's been doing physical labour.  

She appears fairly nice and approachable.

A bit closer. . . .one can see the glossy skin, glazed in sweat, which carries a  spicy smell like she has been working out. Beneath her arms is a thin coat of brown hair, which she also has on her arms and legs.

Ample breasts, a speck of abs, and a bulge hinting some junk.

Lights: Bananas, walk-up licks, peaches, and the unusual.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human