Judas Elrich ~Fateburn~

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Name: Judas Elrich Fateburn
Gender: Male
Race Appearance : Tiefling ( Warfiend )
Age: ???
Height: 6 foot 10 inches
Language's: Infernal (primary spoken), common, elven, draconic, Abyssal,
Thieves' Cant.

Character theme song:


~Physical Description ~

Scent / Warmth : Judas's UN-natural heat is now almost gone.

Body Type: Very well built and still possesses great power , However it looks like his body is dying from inside.
Those with very high magical aptitude would notice the lasting wounds of time.

Hair: Long and Crimson it's parted early by two large red horns protruding from his forehead.

Horns: two large horns now permanently emit the foul smell of hellfire.

Mask: quite interesting to say the least , a slightly worn and cracked white mask with only two holes for eyes.

Voice:  He has lost the will to speak and will only communicate through  telepathy.

Eyes: These eyes display an irreplaceable emptiness and sorrow.
continuing to look would be dangerous.

Wings: Judas's once beautiful wings are now completely featherless and what skin was left has been stuck to a pair of bone wings.

Tail:  Long and ruddy with a pointed tip it hangs almost lifeless with only the occasional flick.

Legs: His Thighs still appear to be quite solid and muscular but his shins look even worse than before, The Armour plates on his right shin rattle constantly while moving as if there's bone clanging with metal.

Trinkets and accessories: The large golden cross still hangs loosely around his neck but it  now appears to emit a very unsettling magic.

absolutely everything on him appears very aged or is about to crumble except for the perfect golden ring he still has on his ring finger . You begin to understand that this ring is worth more than his own life .


History of the last fourty years:
Judas has become unstable in the last century and has forcefully tried to extend his life through UN-natural means to endure the lasting effects of time.

" Forgive me. . . you who were taken from me, i will hold you once again in my arms "


[ OCC Lights and interests ]
RED: SRP and ERP, This character doesn't want to.  Also anything else that violates the servers rules .

Greens:  General really great role play and in depth characters i love it all.
Player:Septimus Aeon
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human