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//Bio Update 30th of March 2018

Name: Da'ae
Race: Complicated
Age : Adult
Gender: Female


As she appears when standing in front of you, however if you have true seeing keep reading.

True Form:

If you have True Seeing, this is what you would see:

Eyes: Silver with an inner white light, quite like looking at the stars during night.
Hair: Long light pink and curly
Complexion: Very pale
Scent: Honeysuckle
Build: Slender, stream-lined so to speak, modest curves. 145 cm tall.

Notable features:
Black, shadow feathered wings. (Sometimes hidden)
Never wears shoes. Ever.
Usually walks on the tips of her toes.

Languages: Common and elven. She also appears to be able to communicate with sea creatures.

General information:

She is keeping one foot in sea and one on land. As she needs the salted sea to stay alive, she can never leave the land behind. A kindhearted spirit, always having a smile and kind word to those needing them but can just as quickly turn and keep a sharp tongue.
While she can appear carefree and joyful, sometimes even silly, there is a clear intelligence within those silver eyes. She does have a clear sense of what she believes to be right and wrong though like the sea she is ever changing and unpredictable.
She seem to like to stand on peoples shadows for some odd reason.

Occupation: Explorer, huntress, jeweler, pearl diver

Noticable jewelry:
Often wears some sort of golden tiara that, if you are high on lore and magically gifted, is obvious enchanted.

Sometimes she has a star cut sapphire between her eyebrows, also this item is enchanted, quite potent at that.

Often keeps jewelry, pearls and seashells braided into her hair.

Known Adresses where she usually can be found:

On Sinfar:

Western Landing on Urskoy;
The Lighthouse

Port Saban, Waterfront;
House 11

On Arch Terre:
Mur County, City Center;
House 11

"Who I am today? It depends, just as the light cast from a prism changes pending on how the light is cast upon it."


The Colour-lists are those of me as a player, not my characters "do and don't"

Perm death
She's not a toilet, so go to the loo if you need to go okay? :)
Vore, too much of gore
ERP with animals

Slave Collars
(While I have played this character as a slave to people before I always keep it up as a red light as the relationship Master/Slave is something I take very seriously and not something I engage unless proper, long and continual RP has come before hand.)

Role Play
Long story arcs
Stay true to character RP
Adventures and exploring
Dungeon crawling
Relationships of all kinds
Bondage and BDSM
Philosophical debates and ponderings
Tea drinking, chatting, pranks and a lot more but seriously, do I need to list EVERYTHING?

You don't need to worry about me as a player taking offense from an RP session.
If I feel that the RP is heading somewhere that I'm not comfortable with I will first try to deal with ICly and if that doesn't work I will let you know through tells so we can deal with the situation.

This character have come in different appearances and with different names during the 15 years  that I've played her. All these changes is a result of RP and the impact or changes made by other characters:
Gemma: A golden haired slave from Tens
Belisama: A silver haired deviless
Shae: Previously golden haired then she changed.
Da'ae: As appearing.

Don't hesitate to send a tell if you have questions.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf