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// Bio update 23 March 2021
(She may have used another name last you met her. Known alt. names are Belisama, Shae and Da'ae)

Name: Gemma
Race: Selkie
Age : Adult
Gender: Female


Eyes: Clear blue
Hair: Gold blonde
Complexion: She keeps out of the sun
Scent: Honeysuckle
Build: Slender shape

Notable features:
Never wears shoes. Ever.
Usually walks on the tip of her toes.
Never travels by ship.

Common, elven and aquatic. She also appears to be able to communicate with lesser sea creatures and amfibians.

General information:

She is keeping one foot in sea and one on land. Just like she needs the salted sea to stay alive, she can never leave the land all behind. She is a kindhearted spirit, usually with a smile and kind words to those she speaks to but can just as quickly turn and keep a sharp tongue if someone is mean.
While she can appear carefree and joyful, sometimes even silly, there is a clear intelligence within those blue eyes.
Gemma has a clear sense of what she believes to be right and wrong though like the sea she is ever changing and unpredictable.

Explorer, huntress, jeweler, pearl diver

Noticable jewelry:
She has jewelry, pearls and seashells braided into her hair but these keeps changing on a regulare basis.

Known Adresses where she usually can be found:

On Sinfar:

Western Landing on Urskoy;
The Lighthouse

Port Saban, Waterfront;
House 11

On Arch Terre:
Mur County, City Center;
House 11


The Colour-lists are those of me as a player, not my characters "do and don't"

Perm death
She's not a toilet, so go to the loo if you need to go okay? :)
Vore, too much of gore

I like to roleplay and really appriciate a well thought out character and backgrounds.
Long story arcs, relationships of all kinds.
I like to roleplay many different scenarios and with all kinds of characters.

Other boring details:
You who have characters coming from Styss might have crossed path with her. I've played her on IoS from 2006 and Sinfar since around 2014 so if she feels familiar she probably is..

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf