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Name: Neeru
Alias: Nufubi
Race: Ganzi (Xieren)*
Age: Looks in her mid twenties.
Gender: Female, appears so.
Height: On a shorter side
Eyes: Yellow

Ears. Long pointy ears is the first thing an observer would probably going to notice about this creature. And those wobble, twitch and pivot constantly as she moves.
She almost always wear a hood, from which her pointy ears are protruding, and from where her mane of raven black tresses is flowing down. And under this hood intense big yellow eyes are hidden, her pupils slightly elonated dwn, feline like. A cute little button nose and lush red lips compliment her beautiful and proportionate face.

She's far from being muscular, her body is soft, and healthily graceful.
Her bust is on the modest side, compared to other Sinfar denizens, yet not to be called small.

WIP. Description is in progress


* -  pathfinder race of creatures affected by Chaos energies. Xieren are settled subculture of Ganzi, characterised by long fuzzy ears and intensly colored eyes with slightly elongated pupils.
RP for more

Lights: She have her story and way of RPing, also I wouldn't list all kinks here because it hugely depends on person(s) I play with.

Red: Usual server ban stuff. Godmoding, powermoding, metagaming. May depend on the mood. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will tell you.

Yellow: Characters without description and portrait.

Green: Good RP most of all, I would RP all what not listed in reds, yet she have her own likes and dislikes.

Tell friendly. Ask, if you have questions about her and I will try to answer.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human