Askia Stormborn

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What you see:

This woman is tall and lean, around 5'10". She appears to be in her late-twenties. She is good looking, though her nose is to large and hooked. A toned, lithe, yet still feminine frame, with mid-sized breasts and a firm, round behind. High, arrogant cheekbones and slightly exotic features. Jet black hair and tanned skin. Green eyes, slanted lightly, like a cats. A hint of cruelty, perhaps, though usually tempered by a faint, teasing smile.

Green, black, red and white seems to be her colours. Often she carries a long curved sabre at her side. Around her neck hangs two golden pendants in each their thin chain. A pair of full, parted lips, smiling ambigiously, the symbol of Sharess, the Queen of Cats. Next to it, the forked wave, symbol of Umberlee, The Bitch Queen, Mistress of the sea.

Who she is:

One word: Roleplay!

What I like and dislike:

Green: Adventure. Being approached. Consequences. Developed characters. Fun. Gambling. Kinky stuff. Naughty conversations. Realistic proportions. Roleplay. Surprises.

Red: Bulging. Cervical penetration. Clinging. Drama. OOC-chatter. Stalking. Stupidity. Whining.

Slow roleplay, where I have to wait five minutes for a reply, is a pet grieve of mine. Especially in ERP. It doesn't help if the reply is a page long, it is dull and kills the excitement. Keep it flowing!

Finally, if a DM should feel like presenting her with an RP event, I'd be happy, no matter whether she will or not.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human