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There lies a rage inside.
Deep within, away it'll hide.
I taste the venom now and then.
The shadows slowly creeping in.
I dare never to let it go.
To turn reality into a hell I so keenly know.
Visions in my head, loop, again and again.
Begging hands to act in both blood and sin.
Just a shift, I can never lose control.
Of this ageless battle within my soul.
Else darkness will descend,
spread itself inside my skin.
Born with a secret from lives long passed.
Every body a vessel not meant to last.
I see it now, a cycle on repeat.
This cursed bond birthed in hunger and deceit.
In the end we always meet, eternal.
Through the burning flames of the infernal..

Credit: Ace of Swords by Mandii Morbid

Farah is polite, but to the point. To some this probably seems rude, but it's not meant that way.

A myriad of piercings adorn her features with a couple of tattoos hidden away under her clothing as well.

Her ever present bow always kept in immaculate condition and strung over her torso for ease.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human