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Race: Elf
Age: Appears young, but upon closer examination she seems ageless
Gender: Female
Height: 1.67 cm
Eyes: Deep green

Her elven grace is obvious for anyone who look upon Serebra's pale figure. And if her grace is not enough, then her pointy ears will surely prove her elven heritage.
Her raven black hair usually tied in a loose ponytail on the back of her head, she usually seems to keep them simple but stylish.
Her face is beautiful symmetric shape, a gorgeous profile with full lips and delicate nose.
Deep green-cyan eyes are framed with small ink runes tattooed on her skin. Right eye is crossed by a line of odd symbols, while under her left eye three other symbols take place.
It's not all the changes done to her from the virgin state her face was once, a light metal chain hangs from the rings in her nose and left ear. Her ears also possess a number of metal rings and studs pierced through them.

Slender yet healthy, the svelte girl seems to have tattoos not only on her face, but on her body as well. Her smooth, pale form show several black symbols ascending from her sides to her back, with a central older sing on her lower back.

Overall, modest of bust and rear, she possess a slender beauty and soft shapely figure.


Lights: She have her story and way of RPing, also I wouldn't list all kinks here because it hugely depends on person(s) I play with.

Red: Usual server ban stuff. Godmoding, powermoding, metagaming. May depend on the mood. If I feel uncomfortable with something I will tell you.

Yellow: Characters without description and portrait.

Green: Good RP most of all, I would RP all what not listed in reds, yet she have her own likes and dislikes.

Tell friendly. Ask, if you have questions about her and I will try to answer.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf