Layla Rashmi

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(updated 15March2019)

Apparent Race: Human
Apparent Age: Middle twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 4'10"
Weight: Approx. 130lbs
Eye color: Deep blue, almost black
Hair: hip-length, black
Build: Powerful, athletic

Reds: Scat, permanent changes without prior discussion, oversized insertions, cervical penetration, children, animals, cold corpses, all that usual stuff. There may be more I haven't thought of. If one comes up in play, I'll let you know.

Greens: Romance, flirting, bondage, rough sex, anal, oral, vaginal, whips and chains, knives and blood (giving and receiving all of the above), subbie girls, subbie boys, subbies in between, burly, muscular subbie men, relationships, one-night stands, friendships (with or without benefits). Player is extremely tell-friendly, so feel free to to chat OOC.

An attractive young woman, apparently in her early twenties, with deep midnight blue eyes and thick, black hair that falls past her hips in a silken curtain. Almost reaching five feet tall, she has a strong, muscular frame and generous curves obvious even strapped down beneath plate armor. Her skin is smooth and pale like a porcelain doll, with features indicating a heritage from the Shining South (roughly equivalent to South Asian), though she pinkens in the sun and freckles in the summer.

Her voice is a smoky contralto, calling to mind whispers in the night in its pitch and timbre regardless of the volume. She speaks with a rough Sword Coast accent, strongly implying a lowborn lineage and street education. The glint of razors strapped to her boots reinforce the image, despite her pleasant smile.

Braided into her hair so that it hangs below and just behind her left ear, and held in place with a column of deep blue beads, is a long feather, coal black on the back and banded black-and-white on the underside.

In her armor and high-collared coat, she has no exposed skin below the jawline. In other clothing, her skin is almost fully covered in a network of heavy scarring, evidence of a hard life, or very interesting pastimes.

She has three thick diagonal scars slashing from her left shoulder, across her chest, to her right hip. Her arms and legs bear the marks of many nicks and cuts each, as well as heavier blows. Scattered over much of her body are the round scars of penetrating trauma, probably spears from the size. Her back and shoulders are clearly no stranger to the lash, and her throat has been cut at least twice. Both hands bear the marks of burns and blades, especially heavy on the right, and the palms and backs have puncture scars in the center, as if they had been nailed to something.

She walks with a choreographed grace, as though every step were a dance to music only she can hear, the jingling and clanking of her armor, spurs, and/or jewelry often playing audible percussion accompaniment.

Up close, one might notice the scent of the deep forest on her: leaves, rain, good soil, and wild roses. Beneath and behind, though, not quite concealed by it, is the lingering smell of sweat, smoke, and blood.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human