Emily Kallyan

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A lovely elf with all the makings of a highborn lady, she wears revealing outfits to better parade her sensuality as most typically do in Sinfar. A pretty smirk with smug leanings occupies her expression on most given occasions, the elf being accustomed to chivalry and ass licking from her lower constituents. Her gaze exuded an infuriating sense of entitlement, perhaps it was time to wipe that smirk off her lips and stuff it full of cock for a change? Her rosy red lips looked better when stretched around something large and phallic anyways.

Greens: Shemales, Large cocks, Ball worship, anal, vaginal, rimjobs, multiple partners, semi-public, BBC, cuckolding, choking, mind control.

Yellows: Females, rape.

Reds: Non-human genitalia. Scat, watersports, furries.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human