Tasha Tir'ein

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Updated on: 25/05/2018 [DD/MM/YYYY]

Feel free to send me a tell to arrange a meeting in the wilderness, after all, she is a huntress and that will be the most common place to meet her!

Name: Tasha
Age: 45 (Around 22 human years)
Gender: Female (100%)
Race: Half elf (Sun elf/human)
Build: Toned
Scent: Wet soil
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grass green
Skin tone: Pale
Sexuality: ?
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: ?
Scars: The mark of two fangs running down her neck on the left side, from the beginning of her jaw to where her left shoulder starts.

There is another mark of claws right below her right breast, a somewhat humanoid creature tried to kill the woman, and nearly succeeds.

A bit of Backstory: A tale of Blood & Lust

As the bastard daughter of a sun elf and a unknown human male, Tasha never fitted any society so she became a natural ranger. Hunting, patrolling the woods of her homeland...Life was nice, but she always felt a bit alone; her human friends aged way too fast and the elves weren't quite fond of her mixed origin. In a turn of events, she met a graceful lady in the forest she was patrolling at night, this graceful lady asked Tasha to guide her in middle of the night and, enthralled by the looks of the lady, Tasha definitely did what is supposed to be her job after all. Once on the destination, an old ruined castle, this graceful lady presented herself as a vampire and without giving Tasha any chance to state her opinion she was basically bitten and enslaved as a mere sexual object for this vampire. One night, tired of being a mere toy in such beautiful hands, Tasha managed to craft a stake from one of the wooden tables and when the vampire was feeding on her neck she impaled the heart of that evil creature after struggling with her. Fangs teared the skin of her neck, leaving a horrible scar on her neck, but she managed to escape from her prision and she left her homeland, running far away from any other vampire who might recognize her as the assassin of the vampire lady.

Remarkable Traits

Vampire thrall: She is (or was), after all, a vampire thrall. Any undead creature (including other vampires) will sense that she has been close to a vampire. If any vampire attempts to dominate Tasha she will recieve penalties to her saving throws based on how the vampire looks like her previous mistress. Any other undead (even the stupid ones) will recognize this, and they will be hesitant to attack the half elf.

Lights: Ask, I will try to stay open minded.

F-List for the account:

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf