Lura Longwaiter

Name: Lura Longwaiter
Race: Human (?)
Eyes: Violet
Profession: Demosexologist™


The first thing you notice of the a little less than average height of Lura it's her captivating violet eyes. She has an almost pale skin wich makes her crimson lips highlight more.
Her body doesn't look to be from any Sinfar's realm. Her chest isn't that big, bottom either. Still, she looks amazing from what she is. Definitly Lura knows how to make a good impression of herself with what she has.
Always sporting a cocky smile, she speaks without any hestitation whats on her mind if you ask her.


If you're unlucky enough, you'll see that she isn't ALL human. Big leathery wings come from her back as a long and pointy tail. In this state, Lura's skin looks a little redder.


Reds: scat, vore, gore and, obviously nothing that breaks the rules.

Yellow: females, shemales

Green: Almost anything, just ask if you have doubts.

PS: I'm a native spanish speaker, so bear with me some of my flaws when I speak on english.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human