Vuraukyr Korzan

Vuraukyr is the obvious offspring of an orc, even upon first glimpse. He stands tall, pushing up towards the six and a half feet mark. Wide, brutish shoulders spread his mass and cause him to look all the larger. His lower jaw juts out ever so slightly, the canines being just a bit longer, sharper than is human but his expression is more often one of intelligence, even if it is a malicious, animal smartness which guides him through the world. His skin does not have the greenish pallor of some orcbloods but is instead a dark, rich color of brown; showing him to be  more of an outdoorsman than cave dweller. Dark twists of hair are spread generously across his chest and arms though his head is bare, having been cropped consistently short. Only a coarse layer of stubble can be found. His eyes are of a dark burgundy red bordering upon a black or brown. About his arms curl a set of complex, tribal looking tattoos in various senseless seeming shapes in black and dark green, finishing towards his wrists where two great hammers of hands are attached, hard and strong.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc