Vanya Auravrim-Seleaf

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AC Tank/Cleric/Lockpicker for SC

Birth Name:
Princess Vanya Mela Auravrim-Seleaf.



Reading. Watching fights. Spying. Swimming. Dancing. Hunting. Designing clothes and interior designing. People watching. Belly dancing. Pole dancing. Selling cannabis and hookah at her business.

Dominant hand:

Native tongue:

Second language:

Additional languages:

She has 3 sides like all females.

The quiet, shy, sweet side.

The fun, flirtatious, crazy side.

The side you never want to see.

Vanya is usually relaxed, chill and tends to go with the flow of things. She is blunt and yes a bitch to many, just how she is. -Do not- take it personally OOC.

It takes A LOT to get her worked up and when she does she is cold hearted, devious and downright deadly. Once she gets on the warpath, there  is no stopping her. She is like a hurricane.




98 lbs.

Honed to perfection.


Skin complexion:
Soft and silky.

Hair shape:
Straight with natural soft curls.

Hair color:
Sun Kissed Strawberry Blonde naturally but she does tend to dye it.

Hair length:
Medium to Long.

Hair style:
Most of the time she wears her hair naturally down with the light loose curls. Sometimes in a lower ponytail or in a sloppy bun if she has her hood on.

Eye shape:
Almond shaped with long dark lashes.

Liquid Gold with outer edges of those pretty eyes a baby blue.

Bitter Almond, Caraway Spice, Sambac Jasmine, Cinnamon, Tuberose, Vanilla, Musk, Mosses, Jacaranda Wood.

Distinguishing marks:
She has connecting tribal tattoos that flow and branches out along her right side. From the back, it cascades down over her hip to her spine on up over her shoulder and neck. It goes down to her elbow upon that side fully covering her bicep. From the front, it creeps semi over and under her breast trickling down her stomach to her pelvis.

Her whole back has a blue dragon, which takes up a lot of the room but also seems to blend with the surrounding tattoos.

A blue rose upon a thigh.

Her lower back and above her buttocks are eight white roses with vines that branch out to her hips. Two baby blue roses have been added to the collection. There would also be four bats along the outer portion.

Inner right wrist is -her- house symbol.

Many piercings upon her body mostly in the private areas.

Garnet and diamond earrings are otherwise worn.

She loathes clothes. She always has since she was little, so you may see her naked or nearly naked! Clothes feel so itchy to her, but when she wears them, they fit nice and snug showing off every curve and usually made of silk.

Great Grandparents/Grandparents:
Queen Livana Lovelynn Rose Dubrinsky Mirna Auravrim von Carstein.

Lord Knight Gaul Auravrim.

Lord Gund Mirna.

Lexi von Carstein.

Princess Ksanna Auravrim Dubrinsky.

Vaughn Astardes.

Biological Parents:
Rozlyn Auravrim Seleaf.
Celawyn Seleaf.

Step Parents:
Destiny Shadowkyss

Cherish Auravrim-Shadowkyss.

Children & Grandchildren:
Yep she has so me.

HISTORY (since 2006 to Present day):

Royalty through both her bloodlines. Daughter of a hierophant princess druid half dragon and a Archdruid prince. Born a sun elven princess.

She does know drow very well due to her family ties to some and being around many others since she was little.

Her family tree has many races attached to it.

She has a LONG history and quite a story that might be told to you but you would have to -find out- through role play of course!!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf