Standing before you is the oddest little creature; In the form of a little woman standing at 4'7 her body seems as if its constantly shadowy and dark as if you could push your hand through her. Although two lightly glowing purple eyes glimmer curiously at anyone who caught her attention. She is typically hard to spot in any darker location. If she manages to speak its always in a shy whisper as she squirmed under your gaze

" I...I'm Rajani..."

Note: This character is a shadow thief.
if caught you may do anything you feel RP wise is fitting.

Red: excessive blood, excessive abuse, any horrid bodily function( scat, WS, etc.), more to come maybe.

Green: females, males, shemales, animals, force, bondage, foodplay, being dominated, pet play, costumes, pet/master relationship etc. If curious just ask.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human