Kazakaria Kakrennor

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This vile villainous vice, this devious and delicious devil, this frankly fuckable familiar stands tall as a teasing testament to the trials of temptation.

How far will man go to appease his abundantly ambitious appetite? Will he seek to secure a sexy slave? Should he sell his singular soul for simple salacious satisfaction? Perhaps purchase a plethora of planar power?

Kazakaria'kor'nakokianok Kakrennor'nakokiniakrenok towers above most mortals at six feet eight inches of lean muscle, bountiful breasts, and a curvaceous rear that announces the mind bending, eye stealing, attention grabbing characteristics of the perfect woman.

But this isn't a woman, by most standards. Unless women have silky smooth sulfurous skin, and long swirling horns adorned in an ostentatious collection of precious gemstones and gleaming jewelry. Not to mention the feathery cloak of blackened feathers and a tail that silently slithers like a serpent with an sinister intellect of its own.

No, this creature is just that - a creature, a monster, and a very tempting one at that. Built perfectly to achieve one single goal.

Being very descriptive. Wish granting, sexy things, teasing, soul bargaining and myriad devilry. Okay with M or F encounters, friendship, PVE and RP, and talking about stuff in tells.

I'll let you know if something is wrong for me: people willing to adapt and understand my likes are green, people not willing to are red. That said, I might also be willing to adapt if the chemistry is right.

Viciously un-anatomically viable bodies such as foot long dicks on halflings, or super massive breasts with their own gravitational pull.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human