Drake Black

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Tall and well muscled this handsome man smiles confidently. Having worked for years as an entertainer, he has managed some success, but was never able to attain the stardom he strove for.

One day he came upon the beautiful Sera Steel. He watched as she did a short photo shoot and then filmed a series of scenes. She was dressed in a classic Gothic manner, making a vampire type movie.

Fascinated he spent some time finding out more about the scene that he had watched. Learning that they were not amateurs but were part of a new studio. He decided to go in and check them out. Maybe he would find that the lovely actress was around and available or even get the chance to work with her.

Walking into the building he was shocked to find himself face to face with her -AND- that the movies they made were... How did they put it? Right! The line was: "We strive for stories; Sexy stories that NEVER fade to black." So, in a word Porn. To make things more awkward her boyfriend or maybe husband was also present. Not wanting to look foolish and flee he instead asked if they were hiring.

After, what was in his mind, an embarrassingly short "Casting Call" he was hired as an extra in their current film "Blood Lust". Finding himself enjoying the experience he signed a contract and is one of the latest rising stars at SSI Entertainment.

Rumors in the industry say that he is now dating the Costar of SSI's next feature length film. The stunning Harlee Brinson. Tabloids say they have been seen together in restaurants and dancing...

Character is a Heterosexual Male

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human