Aérie Dunedain

Aérie is a 21 years old human girl who fled from Waterdeep.
She's good looking and tries to speak like she knows good manners.
She loves nice outfits, jewels and drinks, especially if all this stuff is free.

// English is not my native language, be nice with me.
// French is my native language.

// Aérie is not supposed to be involved in PvP or PvE.
No vore, scat, extreme torture (including sex torture), mutilations, piercings, death, pregnancy, being dominant.
No under aged and nothing against server rules (I must confess I didn't read the server rules but all players write this in their character description so I'll do the same)

Crowdy situations (more than 3 people in the same spot are often difficult to be followed).
I don't like much everlasting sex scenes. 2 irl hours just to fuck someone is a bit long.
Cherry Blossom.
Too big cocks or dildos.
Rushing ERP/SRP.

Dominant partners, almost any race, any gender.
Being approached.
Goth characters.
Well dressed characters.

Aérie is my main character so I need her to be free to go even if sometimes the situation needs her to stay somewhere but not for too long. Feel free to ask or discuss about it.

Timezone GMT+1 (France).

It may happen I have to take care of my baby if she wakes up. I usually try to warn before getting away from keyboard but sometimes I can't. IRL first.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human