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Note that he is wearing full armor and a mask 99% of the time. So any information below that reflects otherwise, cannot be RPed until displayed.

How Tall?
How Heavy?
Heavy (Muscled. Heavier with Armor)
What Race?
Human / Something else?
What Gender?
More man than you'll ever be.
What Sexual Preference?
How Old?
Looks mid 30's.
What Scent?
Chocolate Cosmos.
What Build?
For real?
What Deity?
Nobody you'd know.
What Skin Color?
What Eye Color?
Blue. The deepest of Blues.
How Does He Sound?
Deep Voice. Indifferent. Lacking Humor.
Really Cool Things?
Skull Mask, baby. Oh and a huge fucking sword locked and loaded on his back. Good luck friends.
Okay, let's move on.


A towering figure sheltered by thick, darkened armor. The skull mask might indicate he is not one for pleasant conversation, but who can say for sure?

Greens: Harlots, Maidens, Smaller women, aggressive women, women. But first and foremost, role play.

Likes: Adventuring, questing, killing things, light stories, deep stories, and many other things.

Reds: Willing to discuss unsavory events, of course unless they violate the server rules.

Dislikes: Taking IC to the OOC (Unless we both agree it is something amusing), grieving across characters, unprovoked/purely random pvp.

Final Notes?
Typically don't feel like ERPing. But I do make exceptions if the RP leads to it. Maybe I secretly ERP every day, or never. Depends. Tough break.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human