Bexy Wetteel

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Art work picture by: Btara Ktahn

Name: Bexy Wetteel
Title: Voodoo Priestess
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Hight: 6'1
Weight: Approximately 240lb
Cup size: 34K
Hair: Smooth Natural Black
Eye color: Star blue
Body type: 42% muscle, 68% fat
Body muscle: Muscular arms and shoulders that are very swift at swing a weapon, Large supporting legs perfect for long distance running and powerful kicks.
Body fat: Slim but rounded tummy that hang down inch or two, Heavily over size butt that stick behind and bounce with each step, Large thighs which often brush together.
Noticeable features: Pair of ceremony amazonian tattoos on each biceps, Large amount of underarm hair and bushy amount pubic hair, Strong feminine sweaty odor with mossy scent, Bone neckless with strange purple gem, Odd pouch made with feathers and bones.
Hobbies&Interests: Animals, Animal Training, Cooking, Wood/Metal/Stone/Cloth/Leather Crafting, Drinking, Adventuring, Story Telling, Fishing, Running, Teasing, Bar fights, Voodoo, Spell Crafting, Soul Dealing, Relic/Artifact Hunting, Much More>>>

(Rumors/Hear say)
Many people have notice that Bexy bears a similarity to amazonian Linda which is not surprising given that Bexy is Linda older sister.
It said that Bexy is practitioner of the dark arts which comes as no surprise give the number voodoo items that Bexy carry's around with her.
Given Bexy powers and creepy nature it believed that she has dealing with both angels and devils which rumors that she is "Soul Broker".

(OOC Info)

Daughter (shemale) Andromeda (played by Inkish) - Father Vena (played by TEHMANIAC)

Son (Male) Garshtruk (played by Tigre_Rojo) Father - Squealer (played by NPC)

Son (Male) Irontusk (played by Monster Time) Father - Squealer (played by NPC)

Daughter (shemale) Viktorien (played by TheAlpha) - Father Orrusk the Green Beast (played by Magarch)

Daughter (shemale) Jasmine (played by ANTIGUA_FUERZA) - Father Nebhet (played by ANTIGUA_FUERZA)

Daughter (shemale) Tiela (played by PinkDefective) - Father Serena (played by Rosekiss)

Daughter (female) Zoltana (played by eyeballl) - Father Khazrak One Eye (played by TheImmortan)

Daughter (female) Juliette (played by) - Father Andre (player by Pinkflow)

Daughter (female or shemale) Sophitia (played by) - Father Grimm (player by Dysmetria)

Red: Underage, Death, Gore, Asking question in tell when you could ask IC (I.E. Is your char amazon? or want have sex?)

Green: Very long list, almost everything that not listed in redlights is a green.
Player:smiles warmly
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human