Carinth Cervantes

Name; Carinth Cervantes
Race; Shadow Dragon (Mixed Black)
Age; 29 (By appearance)
Height; 5 foot, 3 inches
Hair; Long, Midnight Black
Eyes; Featureless Midnight Black
Build; Lithe and acrobatic-like

Standing at 5'3, this man looks to be quick and agile. Each step he takes is precise though there is a lazy air about the way he carries himself, lazy and relaxed yet with confidence, the swagger of a young man confident in himself.

Carinth is normally found wearing clean, smart clothing, even his armour is pristine. Keen to stay upto date with the recent nuances and styles of fashion and suave,  Carinth takes after his father in his appearance.

The most prominent feature of his face would certainly be his eyes, two endless orbs devoid of all but an oil-black darkness. Set wide in his face, framed by the long, silky, jet-black hair that is normally tied back neatly, those eyes stare out at the world while a broad grin seems to almost constantly adorn his lips. Solid definition to his features, no sign of stubble or facial hair, Carinth cuts a dashing figure and it's obvious he believes this to be one of his greatest assets.

Normally tucked close into his back, two large, dark yet strangely transluscent wings spring forth. They look stronger than you would expect, slightly darker than those of his father though there is no denying from appearance alone that the blood of shadow dragons runs thicker in his veins than any other blood. The darkness of the wings lightens in the membrane itself, almost enough so that one could see through it. Matching the mans wings in colour and texture, a whippingly quick tail can be seen to often curl or sway behind him. The appendage itself is often accurate enough in its movements that Carinth has been known to throw daggers or lift a flask with it.

A small but tight frame carries the majority of this mans movements and actions. Taut, chorded muscles can be seen even when not under exertion, clear and defined musculature adorning the mans torso and arms.

Carefree and reluctant to settle in nature and in actions, Carinth is an easily approachable sort. Quick to grin, offer a playful swat or even a consoling shoulder, Carinth has also been known for his dark moments. Life, it would seem, has tempered the man to sudden or unexpected acts of violence.
Player:A Wild Ecet Has Appeared
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf