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((bio is a w.i.p as is Odi!))


Currently the trio of chains that once decorated the left side of her face are missing. The Scars that decorated the left side of her nose have mostly been healed. Now little more than pale lines. The lobe of her left ear is a tattered mess however. Also missing is her left ring finger.

Name: Odilia 'Odi'
Race: Generally looks 100% human (Werewolf)
Age: Appears around 25-30.
Gender: 100% female!
Occupation: Bartender at the Nook (Stay at home mom?)
Orientation: Mostly straight

General description:

Odi is a tall gangly thing. Long slender limbs seem a touch too thin. Narrow hips support a plump backside and her breasts seem oddly large for her otherwise scrawny dimensions. But in general she is still rather attractive if one doesn't mind the multitude of piercings and tattoos decorating her body.

She tends to wear too much makeup which generally ends up a smudged mess by the end of the day. She dresses herself in ..less than modest attire at the best of times and tends to dye her hair in odd usually bright eye catching hues of blue.

A lot has changed for Odi over the years now. One child grown to a man, a second growing swiftly. Though since her former husband's decision to leave her she seems to have lost something. That spark of life and fire seems to have flickered out and dwindled to little more than the memory of an ember.

She is doing her best to keep herself clean and free of the drugs and spice she has depended on for most of her life, though this is a constant battle and the temptation to sink back into the numb fog of ecstasy  is a perpetual grief for the woman, especially with recent events. Her lycanthropy has changed her as well. She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends and loved ones as few as they may be.


Reds: No scat, nothing against server rules. No women or herms in SRP/ERP situations. Pachira sending me tells about spiders and other creepy things in any of my orifices.

Yellows: Shemales ..are almost a red but ..I suppose there is a very slim possibility there. Permanent things are not a red but do require discussion first. I'm all for story and plot rp and will go along with most things. Lovey Dovey rp ...it gets real boring real quick if that's all there ever is.

Greens: Pretty much everything not mentioned above ..the darker, kinkier,rougher the better. Send a tell if you are curious about anything specific. :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf