Nymnixi , the Queen

Nymnixi, a name long forgotten as the Queen of a layer of hell. During her rift into a new plane to visit, she was boggled in the mind accidentally so, forgetting why she came to this mortal realm in the first place. Instead, slowly she regains her memory bit by bit, wandering this mortal plane to try new things.

She comes from a plane of hell no one wishes to even speak of, because of the power of the kingdom it holds. Nymnixi was of royalty indeed, of shemale fiends. The entire realm was spread and founded on this, any visitors would be immediately raped and converted into one of their own, and a cycle would continue until no one was brave enough to explore.

Nymnixi herself was gorgeous, as a Queen should be. A fine example of a demoness through and through, towering above most people, it would be a surprise to find someone taller than she. She would also be proud of that heavy bulge she sported, one might come to find she has two thick ones, fit for someone very lusty as she.

Reds: Scat, watersports, men, bondage, being dommed
Greens: Herms, shemales, females, elves, humans, halflings, cock/ball worship, enslaving, domming other doms (big green), corruption play, and many more greens just ask.
These lights may change as time goes on, ask for any specific kinks I may or may not be interested in. Thanks for reading.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human