Ichigatsu Angelf d'Eath

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Ichigatsu 'Asher' Angelf d'Eath
Title: Lord Protector of Sakura

Height: 5'11"
Age: Early 20's
Physique: Runner's build, toned, athletic
Visual Race: Kitsune (Void)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual leaning towards a preference for women
Status: Cuddly
Hair Color: Very Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Red

Family: Angelf d'Eath
Lady Reri of Sakura (Wife - Deceased)
Morrigna (Ex-Wife)
Parents: Max (Father) and June Angelf d'Eath (Mother)
Parents(Biological): June Angelf d'Eath (Mother) and Ryuujin Delagresa (Father)

Family Tree: http://projectdemiurge.net

Current Notable Things:

- He's wearing a very dapper hat!

General Appearance:

Standing in front of you is a very eccentric looking man. He'll generally be found wearing a stylish top hat adorned with roses (though occasionally a rose or two might be missing).

Starting from the Top (hat) - he would have dark brown almost black hair with a natural curliness to it. His face would have slightly soft features. His eyes would have a slightly reddish color to them but they'd generally be hidden behind his dark reflective sunglasses.

On the sides of his head and behind him are the visible traits of his heritage - fox-like ears and a tail. Definitely a Kitsune of some sort. Looking his hands, one might notice that his nails are slightly pointed like claws though they could pass as normal hands unless someone looked carefully.

Working your way down, he tends to keep the top few buttons of his shirts unbuttoned revealing hints of a toned hairless chest. He generally wears dark clothes matching to his hair but he doesn't come off as the dark brooding sort that would be bothered by wearing bright pink if the situation called for it.

Behind him of course wags his previously mentioned fluffy and well groomed Kitsune tail. It can often be seen twitching when he gets annoyed.

And finally all the way down to the bottom where he has rather normal looking feet and (again) finely made boots.

His clothes are all finely made and he normally dresses in layers; preferring to wear a coat over top of his outfits. The general impression one might get after looking over all of his clothing would be that he's dressed for a night on the town, not an adventure.

In fact - judging from his mannerisms... He wasn't much of an adventurer, or a warrior, or a mage... Just a charming young man out to make his own way in the world.

Green Lights
Women, Flirting, Romance, Character Development, Story lines
Yellow Lights
Walk up ERP, Men
Red Lights
The usual suspects (scat, etc)
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf