Madeline Keleth'i

Built gracefully and strong, her body is typical for an elven warrioress, though her skin is softer and more pale, suggesting an easy life as a rothe in sexual service when compared to that of other underdark slaves who labor.

Name: Keena, formerly of Ste'te'lie

Race: Darthir (Moon Elf)

Role: Healer, Defender

Quellar: Ashee Gharr

Position: Rothe

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian (all women)

Talents: Massage, Dance, Nursing, Breeding, Endurance, Brooding Poetry, and Sarcasm.

Keena's tale is tragic and ridden with complexity, to many she comes off as simply an insane elven slave devoted to a dark cause.. and they wouldn't be that far from the truth.

To truly understand Keena, one must know of where she comes from, Madeline.. but this is something that Keena never allows herself to talk about beyond the distant memory of the shell that was her early life.

Keena was reforged in the depths of her first quellar, House Ste'te'lie of Udos Droxun, beneath the Isle of Arelith. It was in that ruined sanctually where Keena first learned the ways of Lolth, her futality to the Spider Queen's determination, and eventually her devotion to her first Illharess's strength.

For over a year Keena served and devoted her way in every fashion she could for her new Illharess, proving her loyalty to be unswerving, Keena was released back into the surface realm to sabotage and infiltrate the cities above, and return with important information to her Illharess.

Training Keena in the ways of the priesthood, Keena's Ilharess was often eyed as heretical for her seeming fondness of the obediant darthir rothe. This was likely one of many things that led to the inevitable destruction of Quellar Ste'te'lie.

Upon Keena's return to the quellar she called home with the information from the surface realm, she found the quellar abandoned, and all of its members slain in a massacre orchestrated by other quellars.

Alone now, Keena immersed herself fully into becoming a true priestess of Lolth in all but blood, seeking the power to orchestrate her vengence for her fallen Illharess, Keena returned to the surface realm donned in the attire traditional of a Yath'rin or Yath'taller, depending on the city's culture.

To acheive the power that Araushnee, the Spider Queen, could grant, Keena drove herself on to embattle surfacers, slaying any whom she came across and incited mobs across the lands in search of this 'demon summoning drow who walked in the sunlight'.

She occasionally fell into alliance with Banites and other groups for assistance when her training required it, but often she was alone, forever seeking the blood of Lolth's most vile foes, the holy warriors of the light and darthir.

Once Keena reached the pinnacle of her power and devotion to Lolth, she returned to the realms beneath in search of servicing the quellars, hopeful of learning which one had butchered her former Illharess.

This however was very short, as Keena could not pass as a priestess without removing her helm in social situations inside the city, she had little choice but to accept the position of a rothe once more.

Being a slave to such a devoutly anti elven city, that prefurred blood shed over utility, was exceptionally difficult for Keena, despite her unswerving obediant and eagerness to serve the priestesses had little trust in her capabilities, and desired a sacrifice. Keena could not allow herself to be slain before her duty to her Illharess could be complete, and she made her escape albeit bloodilly.

Keena failed in this endeavor, her body cut down and viewed and discardable trash, she was tossed away where a wizard of the Sorcere took an interest in her.The wizard brought Keena back to the brink of life through an exchange of materials with a younger priestess, seeking to use Keena for.. experimentation, and found her durable and willful body to be suited for the task.

Keena was augmented there, her chest made heavier and enhanced with growth hormones for easy lactation, her hips more rounded and jutted for easier birthing. She would later endure numerous interbreeding studies, being forced to mate with transmuted animals and beasts, testing to see what magical enhancements would allow her to bare their spawn, and what monstrous results would she birth.

Her body and mind was broken till the elven cattle became dulled and animalistic, a shell of a shell. After a handful of uncounted years she was pass off with no further use, sold to a trader heading towards the isles of Haven, specifically the port city of Mithuth.

The journey took several further years, where she gradually re-learned her ability to speak, however her will and devotion to her Illharess, and Lolth, remained throughout it all.

She was finally resold into a quellar devoted to Lolth, the third quellar of the Port City Mithuth, a place ruled by Banite Drow. She regathered herself and returned in her devotion full heartedly to her new Illharess, however, this too was short lived as her Illharess vanished in one of her mercentile travels, leaving Keena to be sold off to other traders headed to other cities.

Keena eventually found a master that left his guard down, slaying him as he was no true Lolthite or Drow, and came as a freed fledgling priestess to the Underdark city she had heard rumors of, ______.

She was interested in joining with one of the quellars, and was eager to serve in any way she could. Anything to be apart of a true Lolthite and Drow Quellar again. Organizing a meeting with the Illharess, she revealed her nature and was allowed to work in service as a rothe, filling whatever role she could.

Now she is devoted entirely to the Quellar Ashee Gharr, serving till it all comes to a bloody end. Chaos guide us all.


Favorites (all the time): Impregnation, Monstrous, Futanari, Rape, Lactation, Gangbang, Groups, and Experimentation, Public Humiliation ((just grab her and do what you want, no questions asked for non-men))  

Yellow (Some questions): Slavery, Torture, Mutilation

Red (Never): Men (as in men, not males), Scat, Extreme Vore (not small parts) (though treating her as if you're going to eat her if she doesn't obey.. is a turn on)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf