Nadia Dragonsbane

// Currently looking for a char who wants to be her official girlfriend, sadly Nadia most likely will cheat on her but that can lead to fun RP :) . Also I´m looking for jeleous sister to blackmail her or a disappointed father,send me a PM if you are interested.

Update: Nadia is no longer pregnant, she spend a month away and now can be seen sometime with a black baby on in her arms (// never present in RP, just mentioned)

Nadia is a great looking young woman, she seem to be around 20 years old and completely human. Her green eyes and long blonde hair make her very appealing.
Everything from her looks, her clothes, jewels, the tone of hervoice and posture indicates that she comes from a noble family, probably not royal but noble indeed.

She is new around Sinfar and most of the times you can see her walking with her girlfriend Kienna, they both seems to be very sweet and in love.

Age: 20
Race: Human
Eyes: Green with blue and gold sparks
Sex: Female
Relationship Status: In love with Kienna
Sexuality : Lesbian a first

Greens: Women (at first her favorites), Shemales, Herms, Men (not her favorite but could happen). Interracial, sex with strangers, paid sex (for thrill of it), cheating, lying, revenge, angry sex, facesitting, rimming, creampies, pregnancy (not right away).  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human