Gleam Ashfur

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Personal Information

Name: Gleam
Clan name: Ashfur
Race: Beastfolk
Subrace: Rabbit
Profession: Geomancer
Aspect: Refined
Voice: High, soft, quiet
Sexuality: Active, bisexual to straight, Switch to submissive
Demeanor: Observant, Philosophical, Joky
Personality: Piece of flint

Physical Information

Height: 4'5 feet
Weight: 86 lbs
Body shape: Pear
Build: Thin with a thick bottom
Fur: Thin
Fur color: Dark gray
Hair: Medium length
Hair color: White
Eye color: Gold

Information - peculiar traits

Magical aura: Strong, persistant
Smell: Metallic
Eyes: Golden glow
Staff: wip!

Dimensional purse: Keeps all her belongings in a dimensional hole she can open at a whim

Heart shaped tattoo: A weird, magically imbued symbol on her lower back. Shaped like a heart. Made out of some strange combination of gold and obsidian, somehow melded to become a part of her body. Border being golden while the center is filled with black obsidian like substance


I enjoy plenty of things, from soft to more rough stuff

Although if you approach Gleam with a character that doesn't have a dick then you do it at your own risk

I can't promise that every attempt at smex will be succesful

In exchange I promise that while mostly sub, I'm not a passive type of a sub, so I won't just react. I try to come forward with a bit of initiative from myself
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf