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Daedala is a natural shapeshifter so she can pretty much assume whatever shape she desires.
Some notes:

- Daedala tends to favour slender frames over muscled and stockier ones. This may have to do with the longbow she almost always carries on her back.

- Daedale tends to have an sharp tongue, a cocky attitude and little regards for anything or anyone (With one exception.) She tends have a wicked gleam in her eyes, a grin on her lips and a insult on the tip of her tongue.

- Daedala's facial features always resemble Cerbera's. It's clear the two are closely related at a glance.

- Daedale is a practiced actress and can play almost any role though she may crack when playing someone too pure.

- Anyone with enough knowledge or magic can easily deduct Daedala is an outsider of chaotic and evil origins.

And an ooc note:

Daedala is not made for pvp. While I happily roll with the punches and accept consequences for her deeds I am much more interested in a battle of wits between characters then seeing which player is the better powerbuilder.

Thankee for reading.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human