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Quick Info:

Race: Pantheress / ????
Powers: Try to find out...
Hair: Black
Tails: One...or two....what?...
Ears: Kitty-like and velvety to the touch
Weight: Ummm no...
Hair: Black
Scent: Lavander and Blueberry
Eyes: Bright Green
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Collar: Black leather with an enchanted silver lining on the outside.
Owner: "???"


The woman before you seems to be a black pantheress. She is of roughly human height, with smooth black skin covering her figure which is the color of onyx. The only fur on her figure seems to be covering sparse patches on her legs. Upon her head, she would have two kitty ears, which seem to enjoy flickering in the wind. Although, she would have the appearance of almost a Neko-like woman and with a slight mixture of Beastmen who continue to thrive on Dread her appearance, clothing, and demeanor are not like the wild tribes of that region.

At first glance Melara appears to have a well-toned and muscled body. Although her feminine features and smooth skin might make her appear weaker in reality she has the reflexes worthy of her feline's nature, and the strength that could match most grown men. Her claws, when she chooses to use them, are sharp, any who had the misfortune of meeting an angry cat would know just what they are capable of.

Another trait that seems to catch your attention is Melara's bright green eyes, which shine like emeralds when she is excited, yet when she is angry or on the hunt, they can fill any person with dread.

Despite a youthful body, and a physique most would be jealous of, closer examination would reveal that the feline has either went through many fights or suffered incredible abuse. One could see small scars, typically from claws but on occasion also weapons. Her left ear is slightly tattered, suggesting an old wound that did not heal, and one of her canines is chipped. Although she has no brands or marks of ownership she does seem fearful of men from past encounters, preferring the company of other women, at least when it comes to forming closer ties.

Skilled in the use of a number of weapons and techniques, Melara is not afraid to fight any challenger, be it with blade or claw, in armor, or nude to prove her superiority over her enemies. Although how she ended up in Sinfar and why is a whole 'nother tale, waiting to be discovered.

Aside from her heavy suit of armor, as well as a rather comfortable and exotic set of casual clothing,

The Naughtier Bits:

When unclothed Melara is very attractive (at least according to Feline standards). Aside from having dark, soft skin and a muscular body she also comes equipped with a sizeable bust and rump that one would wish to grope and fondle (that is, if she wasn't against the idea). Her pink-lipped sex when one is to see it would come to the conclusion that Melara is either a new arrival to the city and thus not "loosened up", as most would be by the size of cocks about, or perhaps she is even a virgin (just as surprising in a city like Sinfar).

Overall she seemed very attractive, and although she did not care as much for her own personal beauty (or scent) as most women would have she certainly supported her sexual appeal with a strong, tough, and flexible body.


((Reds: Scat, Piss, Vomit, server rules. Will send a tell if anything truly disturbs me or goes against my lights.
((Yellow: Anal, Cocks, there are only a few people who can convince her to take them. Will send a PM if against it.
((Green: Bondage, Breast Playing, Pet & Mistress, Lactation, Power play, blindfolding, naughty wrestling, cuddling and romantic relationships, long-term relationships, leash and collar.
((Otherwise, I tend to go with the flow of the Rp, and don't have any really outstanding red lights. Otherwise, have fun and I hope you enjoy RPing with Melara.  
((PS: I do some typos, due to being on a laptop. Please hope you can forgive that! I will seek to correct them as soon as possible. ^^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human