Silinde Kathrita

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Silinde possesses sharp, delicate dark elven features.Yet despite the delicate nature of her features,she often has a cold or stern manner about herself, often mingled with confidence. Notably soft lips, dark by nature but often darkened slightly further. And almond eyes, a dark, crimson red framed by long lashes.
Down over her shoulders, and her back, silvery hair falls. Its ends curled in loose ringlets. Her hair, always brushed, washed and if necessary styled into the loose ringlets.
 Her skin smooth, and mostly unblemished, even upon her hands- indicating a lack of consistent, strenuous, manual work for at quite some time.

Beyond her face, Silinde is of a willowy build. With only the most slender of curves, she has what many might term a 'dancer's build'. Although she is evidently in good physical condition, with lean musculature.

She stands at about 5'6'', although if not barefoot, she wears heels which may boost this slightly. Her clothing tends to be very well fitted, every item made for her, often accentuating what curves she has. Her nails also tend to be lacquered (usually in an onyx, or crimson hue).


At this point, the following may be known about Silinde:

She is quite contently (and monogamously) married to Marcus Kathrita, and is both a noble of the Lotus Isles, and well known for her wealth.

She is the Head of 'Mage House Kathrita'. A noble of strong standing in the Lotus Isles. She is a woman who has (on occasion) managed to claim the title of, and be recognized  as, both "Mage Lord" of the L.I. and to take on apprentices, of adopt those of skill. (Send me a tell or approach if interested. As warning, Silinde has high expectations.)

She is an arena champion, however; unlike some arena champions; she is known to be very competent in combat outside of a small arena.She has not simply fought in arenas, but often (with success) outside of arenas while on the plane.

Her primary/public residence to known to be: Lotus Isles, Shipotaru, Portal 17. For all of those who may have business with House Kathrita. ((If I'm not on Silinde, sent me a tell and let me know you'd like to meet. We can work out a time.))

// Silinde uses "divine magic" by nwn standards. For IC reasons this is a fusion of arcane and divine magic. It incorporates many elements of "Wu Jen", a Lotus Isle system of magic, mixed with her own research.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf