Kim Kay

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Kim Kay, alias Kimmy is a half-elven Sinfarian tourist turned permanent resident. As is no doubt the case with many visitors, this young half-elf thought the prospect of leaving the city's smutty streets so insufferable she never really got around to departing. A few of the shemale's notable features include pointed ears usually graced by teeth marks from a recent gnawing, a broad nose ring, and a fondness for the kind of tight trousers and skimpy skirts that'd leave no doubts about her gender. Swirls and graceful lines of dark ink adorn her throat; from afar it was a decorative design, but up close and under attentive examination the words "Lamassu's Piglet" became apparent in the architecture of ink. Being a proud pervert, Kim's sizable slab of she-beef was never far from erection, perpetually flexing firm and eager against whatever she wore. Not that she lacked in other charms, such as a perky rack and a butt that could very well bounce. Thanks to a fondness for hanging around with a hand down her pants, or even better someone elses, it was unavoidable she gave a sleazy first impression to whomever her sultry, suggestive gaze wandered.
Summary: Big butts and big cocks
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human