-Description for those that don't scroll down-

Name: Teyla
Race: Uh... Equine?
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Blue
Weight 310 lbs
Age: Early Thirties
Height 6'9"
Body: Massive, with huge and bulging muscles.

-Appearance for those who bother-

Looks like a Equine breed for most part with hose powerful and treechunk horse-like legs.
On closer inspection, she has a milky coat of thick fur over her body, except for her legs which has a auburn coat of fur. Her facial features are devoided of any fur, instead a smooth and milky pale skin adorns it. The only obvious equine trait is her large, strawberry red lips, usualy left in their natural state.
Her hair is quite thick with a dense auburn natural colour of which flows freely and in a messy over her shoulders.

Her body frame is one of a towering and rather massive warrioress, adorned with a quite lesser feminine form when such huge muscles on her fault her curves somewhat and being a big girl with those rather enormous and juicy tits bouncing on her chest in a constant way and her lewdly big horsy boooty wobbles around in a delicious way with those ass cheeks jiggling about whenever she stomps her heavy hooves around.

Her fur conceals her skin which is smooth but very thick and tough to the touch.

Plus her hermaprodite sex is something that won't pass unoticed since she on a regular day.


The reds are the usual stuff.

The greens are pretty much everything else.
Player:Blissful Releases
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human