Shylea 'Lea' Ak'tilun

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Hair: Variable! See model for current.
Eyes: Variable! See model for current.
Height: 5'4

Shylea, or more commonly Lea, was not what one would call an imposing figure. Not only was she not particularly tall, but the definition to her muscles, while present, was not clear enough for her to appear as an aged warrior. She looked far too young, too soft, too girly to be the combatant she really was. This was likely a gift of her ancestry, of which there was only one clear outward sign at any given moment: The large white feathery wings softly fluttering behind her.

Peering down from her face, the first thing one would notice is the symbol of Shaundakul the Rider hanging on a silver chain around her neck. The chain was long enough that the symbol rested just above her cleavage, only modest by Sinfar's standards but more than substantial in most other parts of the planes. She didn't seem particularly shy about herself, wearing a thin but restrictive corset top that would do plenty to keep them in control should she end up in a fight. It was certainly just an added perk that the corset just happened to look quite good on her.

Glancing down lower one would notice the gloved shield-hand often hanging down by her side. The glove bore only a single unique trait: A trio of spikes on her knuckles and on her fingers. Plenty of gloves like this existed, making a punch all the more deadly, yet unlike those the spikes on these gloves seemed to be facing one another. They did not seem to be designed for adding extra pain to a punch. What purpose this served wouldn't be clear, but she did seem to always keep that hand away from her hips. Her hips gave way to a plump and firm ass that she clearly knew looked good. Because of this, she would often be seen wearing skirts of one variety of another, simply favoring the free feeling of them to that of tight pants and preferring the way they looked on her.

In the past, Lea would generally fight with her legs bare, but in those days she had different equipment. Since coming to Sinfar and finding new equipment, she has realized the need for a pair of greaves. The appearance would likely seem odd to an onlooker: On one hand she was wearing very little protective gear on her upper body, but heavy plating on her legs? It would likely take an experienced warrior or seeing her in a fight to realize what the heavy leg plates were for with any degree of accuracy beyond guesswork.

On the likely chance of one catching a glimpse of her while she was in a skirt, one more thing could be seen: On her inner thigh just below her skirt but above her knee there was a designed 'K' symbol branded into her flesh down to the muscle.


As one might guess on account of her being a celestial in Sinfar, Lea is a character for exploring themes of vice versus virtue, optimism against pessimism, and generally speaking: corruption. The lights that follow are through that lens.

Also an additional note: These are not Lea's lights and she likely will react poorly to many of these things being sprung on her! It is a slow thing, to fall. She may some day be totally in line with these lights, but she's not a full slutmode off the get-go character.

Whites: Corruption, Men, Devils, Demons, Beasts, Monsters, Anal, Whips, Chains, Forced Submission, Rape, Enslavement, Humilation, Spanking, Abuse, Brutal Lovers, and General Roughness. Shylea is a 'tanky' character, in that she can take quite a lot of abuse! She is in no way fragile. She could probably get hit by a train, get up, and keep walking.

Greens: Futa/Herm/Shemales (she still greatly favors men and masculine characters and she isn't 100% on board with these, though OOCly I am fine with them if it flows well out of the RP!), Oral, Vaginal, BDSM, Long-term Relationships, Loving/Kind Treatment (Consentual), Long-term Enslavement (OOC consent first!), and Subtle Public Encounters.

Yellow: For the following, just send me a message first: Permanent character changes/alterations, 100% Female characters, and sometimes multiple partners. That's about it!

Reds: Complete torture (In other words, whips? Fun! Skinning her alive? Not fun!), Necrophillia, Snuff, Insectoids, & Spider related anything, Scat, Small Races, Anything Infantile in nature.

((OOC Note: I am tell friendly! If you have an idea for a one shot scene you'd like to see played out, have questions about lights, or enjoy talking character story, let me know! On the other hand, I am not Lea. Lea is the character I play. Don't go sending me tells like I am OOCly Lea.))
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human