Zarakai Greatstone

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Description :
Full Name : Zarak'aï "The wise wolf" Greatstone
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown
Height : He rounds out to be an even 1m45 (4 feet and 75 inches)
Weight : 165 pounds
Hair : lonh lengthed, and black in hue
Eyes : a peerless emerald hue that would pierce and perhaps tempt.
Sexuality : straight

Build : Manly with a fine defined muscular frame. He wears a finely beard with a smart hair cut ... however he also has a slightly roguish appearance sometimes.

Apperance :

The dwarf before you stands approximately 4.5 feet in height. Long manes of black hair cascade down onto his shoulder and is held loosely together with a band of dark flexible material. From under those black manes his emerald eyes look about with confidence. Though if you were to pay very close heed to him you might notice that that confidence was a mere shell, obscuring a different nature seeded deep within his persona. His features could very well be described as handsome with his straight nose, firm lips and angular jawline that was only partially obscured by his two-day beard he kept carefully trimmed.

When your eyes move down they see a skin that held a soft-tanned hue to it. A good guess would be that this was due to some distant country heritage of sorts. That skin covered a strong musculature that roped quite beautifully underneath. The only blemish (if you could call it such) would be a band of swirling lines, cirling his left bicep like a former mark of wolf bite and which seemed to have been branded into his skin.

If you were to see him naked, you notice that his muscular physique carried on to his lower body aswell. His round, firmly muscled rear stood out proudly and moved quite beautifully when he walked. Thighs, calves and ankles were equally roped with muscle.

His voice is dark, deep and resonant with a faint melodic quality. It was able to carry far and wide should he wish to use it to its full potential.

Lights :

Red : Permanent death or mutilation, all stuff against server's rules.

Yellow : Depending on my mood.

Green : To discover, Zarak'aï and the player are open-minded.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Dwarf