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OOC Note: If you need help with clothes, be it in game or OOC, feel free to ask. If I am available I am happy to help

Damien. Tailor extraordinaire. He is tall, handsome and generally a pleasant individual. He has come to Sinifer to make a name for himself among the clothing trade....And he always has samples of his work for ladies to try on.


Greens: Women. RP. ERP. SRP. Making clothes, Bad jokes. Silly songs. Strawberry ice cream

Yellows: Vampirism in ERP/SRP (Nothing against it except it tends to be boring. Lots of sucking and not much else...Yawn)

Reds: Breaking server rules. Homoerotic ERP/SRP (Sorry. I am just Hetero). Lutafisk
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human