Divya Colburn

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New hire at The Wandering Vagabond Bar & Grill on Angellos Island, Nekyet Village


~ 5' 3"

~ 135 lbs.

~ Around 30'ish but who's counting?  *winks*

~ Shameless flirt

~ Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair with several lighter blonde highlights (style is as seen on headset as her hair styles will change rather frequently)

~ Tasteful earrings and other jewelry (color and style as seen in game)

~ Soft but vibrant blue eyes and loooong eyelashes, minimal makeup

~ Freckles..  lots of freckles..  everywhere.. and not the big blotchy kind, the sweet small light brown ones scattered here and there and..  well..  everywhere *winks*

~ Curves..  yes, she has them.  38D up top, 34 waist and 38 hips.  Long legs, toned calves and thick toned thighs.

~ She may or may not be wearing glasses as they're a fashion accessory rather than a necessity

~ Often accompanied by her canine companion named Rigel (regular dog not some big critter) who she is rather protective of and vice versa


Reds:  LIARS, inconsistency, server rules, etc.  I, nor Divya, are into anything ~weird~.  If you don't know what's weird versus normal then it's likely to be considered weird by both Divya and me as the player.

Greens:  Roleplay - yes, really.  I enjoy IC drama and conflict so long as it's not ~all~ the time but if I even get the hint that it's an OOC issue I'm out.  Without warning or explanation.

Tell and walk-up friendly but if she's busy she's busy and I won't tolerate any ongoing tells or attempts.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human