Sister Vega

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Sister Vega, the large, strong, powerful amazonian-esque body crammed into some rather tight battle armour, stood with her arms folded, a slight smirk on her black painted lips, and a viel covering here eyes. The dusky skinned Demon influenced bitch-breaker stood, ready to driver her fat slobbery dick into any throat ass or cunt, willing or not..

Creeping ever closer to her own divinity, immortality at her finger tips, The nuns drive to amass a coven of loyal dick worshipping skanks to bend to her every beck and call..

Her utter devotion to the demon who bent, and corrupted her once pure and holy mind is why she does it, once a woman of Helm, she now lives to serve the demonic forces, her job, as a warrior who'd fight to the death in their name.. would also be utterly used and abused by anyone at all.. as was her mistress' wish.. to make the nun into a nasty little sack of fuckmeat for the whole world to use... and now its your turn!!


Starting at the head of this tall, powerfully build dusky tanned skin woman Was the veil that always covered up her hair and her eyes, this veil was never removed, magically sealed to her scalp, so at some point, she was likely shaved bald before it was arcanely fused to her head, hanging down to end just above her nose, keeping her eyes covered.. though it was meshed in a way that she could see out, albeit rather hazily, though no one could see in. And moving down to those black painted lips, always rather expressionless unless one was forced from her or she smirked. There was no piercings marring her divine face.

Moving down to her chest, a big, fat set of tits sat upon her powerful form, each one pierced with two barbells making an X on each puffy nipple of her fat tits... Each mound of flesh was utterly squeezed and crammed into her thin, latex like armour, pancaking them, and making them bulge and spill out of her top so utterly whorishly, like she was looking for a cheap nasty lay...

Following down to those abs, strong, powerful muscles, each one casting a shadow onto the next to give even more definition. clearly muscles like that were forged from years of working out and fucking any sleazy slut that came her way... her core was incredibly strong, as was each body shaking, bitch breaking thrust into whatever slut she was destroying at the time...

And ofcourse, the main event, behind that robe sat a thick, fat, juicy set of cock and balls, the shaft with a cock ring around its base, making veins bulge out if it, like a vast, nasty slab of dickmeat that oozed and spilled precum down onto the floor, so utterly thick, girthy and fat, an elf would struggle to wrap their hand around it, a huge member one that could only have been inflicted on her during slippery and slimy with her seed, that was all churned up and spilled out from those heavy, hairless orbs that were nestled inbetween her thighs, making that dick protrude out, and hang down like an elephants trunk.. A trunk that was run through with piercing after piercing around the underside of that dick, from balls, one every inch until her fat cockhead, which would make a grand total of nine piercings, not including her dick head... which too, was run through with a thick prince Albert ring, that made pain sear through her body whenever she fucked...Though she gritted her teeth through most any pain, only serving to amplify her wrath.

And ofcourse, on the other side we have her fat ass, near spilling out of her robe with each swaggering walk, each step making the firm meat jiggle and ripple as her heavy boots came down against the floor, each cheek easily a handful, and it was far too easy to stick your face inbetween those cheeks and simply got lost for hours in wonderful thick ass, nose pressed against her little pucker, with a piercing through her ring that was near always kept tight, crushingly so for any dick or tongue lucky enough
find its way between those cheeks.

Lights and that sort of thing!

This nun was for anything..Any slut, any ass, any gullet any cunt, any cock.. bondage, latex, gagging, choking, being incredibly rough, watersports, there really was no limit for what she might do to you..

Favorites though would be...
Brutal hard, nasty fucking, humiliation, both privately and publicly, latex! incredibly incredibly tight bondage and spaces, so her fuckrags cant move a single inch while they got analy destroyed... spilling, choking gagging, hair pulling, biting scratching, watersports, fisting, anal training and huge plugs and toys, piercing, tattooing, branding. Reducing dick draining addicts to a rasping groaning sack of fuckflesh in a pool of her own cum... not being allowed to cum! chastity, orgasm control and denial, double anal, oral, choking and gagging on a sloppy slobbery cock, hard enough to make them wretch.. breath control!!!  nasty places, licking her boots, cleaning ass.
turning a proud paladin into a  public cum dump and toilet, being drowned while she gets fucked and then brought back up before she can pass out! be clean, be filthy! be whatever!

No holds barred on this nun bitch!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human