Kerry Clearspring

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Name: Kerry Clearspring
Race: Human
Birthplace: Andor
Occupation: Headmistress of the Arcane Order (Formerly Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah)
Gender: Female


A striking woman of above average height with soft unblemished skin and locks of vibrant red that cascade down her upper back. She has crimson-hued lips only a shade or two lighter than fresh blood and deep ocean blue eyes which surpass the loveliness of gemstones. She is classically beautiful, her features delicate and lovely.

Her body is the stuff that dreams are made of, a waspish waistline and flaring hips that, taken with her more than ample breasts leave her with the perfect hourglass figure. Her rear is firm and curved like the flesh of a ripe peach and along with every other part of her almost screams to be touched, kissed and enjoyed.


Used to utmost respect and deference from nearly all those around her she can find it difficult not to instinctively feel that the lack in Sinfar is deliberate which can lead to her being quite cool and guarded on first acquaintance.

In the whole, she would have been quick to hide behind her smooth features and serene tones when speaking in spite of having every intention of having a good time something was not right with the woman.

Something about her was difficult to put your finger on but gave an impression of a restless and pacing frame of mind.

This has more recently changed and she appears to again have again found some sense of purpose.


Role: Switch (Responds well to partner cues in sexual or romantic situations)

White: Lesbian; Face Sitting and Oral (Big one!), Anal, Toys, Spanking, Whipping, Bindings, Blindfolds, Gags, Orgasm Denial, Pleasure Denial, Magical Restraints, Penetration, Foot Play, Breast Play, Pain Play, Candle Play, Handcuffs, Very humanoid partners, Shibari

Green: Shemales, Celestials, Paladins, Priestesses, Going from argument to angry sex.

Yellow: Men (She is not bisexual and could only happen from strong emotional attraction)

Red: Scat, Bestiality, Snuff (receiving)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human