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[AGE] :: 18
[SEX] :: Female
[RACE] :: Moon Bunny (Jade Rabbit)
[PRONOUNS] :: Bun/Buns/Bunself
[HEIGHT] :: 4'0"
[HAIR] :: Red
[SKIN] :: Pearl
[BUILD] :: Petite
[STYLE] :: Punk/Goth/Weird/Contrasts
[LIKES] :: Lemon tea, Dom/Switch, Punks, Goths, Piercings, Spanking, Kissing, BDSM, You, Crowds
[Flaws] :: Gloomy, Avoidant, Sleepy
[Portrait] ::

[Personality]:: A pleasantly attractive but rather shy young girl, often seen drinking lemon tea or staring off into space. She exudes an aura of quiet calm like someone that lives in defeat at the pointlessness of life. While preferring to gravitate towards crowds and gathering spots she is frequently alone and usually does not speak unless spoken to. This gloomy girl with a pretty demure smile makes an unusual conversation partner. She is quite agreeable and plays along while feigning ignorance and making no attempt to let her opinion be known. Her passive speaking mannerisms and that "don't talk to me" aura is enough to turn away most would be friends and suitors. You might say that lemony bitterness is an acquired taste.

[Description]:: The first thing you might notice about her is her short stature or maybe it's the ears. It's definitely the ears, probably. Perfectly accommodated by whatever she wears, two finely furred white bunny ears prop out from her deep red hair to reach roughly a foot in height. That her ears are a fifth of her height is conclusive evidence that she's definitely a shorty compared to any elf or human.
The ruby red hair adorning the top of her head is neat and smooth with a healthy luster. The vibrant color is quite a contrast to the paleness of everything else. She usually wears it up or short but never down or past her slender shoulders.
Her face framed by her bangs has some of the prettiest dainty and feminine features you might find. A slender nose, smooth cheeks, and soft cushioned red pouty lips. All that set on a breathtaking backdrop of pristine pearly white skin free of blemishes. Well except for the piercings that is. She has quite a lot of them, decorating her features with golden jewelry, studs, rings, snake bites, chains, making a visible crack in that good girl image she could have had. You don't quite know how many piercings she has in total but she does seem to have quite a few of them. On closer inspection you might even spot some decorative studs in her ears.
What about her eyes? Ah, well she almost always wears a piece of neatly folded cloth shielding her eyes from view. For what ever reason your guess is as good as any.
The rest of her body is like her face, pale pearly white skin and free of any hair.
Her figure is perfectly proportional to her stature, rather than features like a child or midget or gnome she is simply petite. Her slender neck perched on small shoulders, her small back and obscenely thin arms ending in dainty hands. Each slender finger is adorned with a professionally painted nail in dark color scheme. Often coated in black lacquer and sometimes decorated in designs with glitter or stars and other motifs.
Her bosom would likewise be proportional to her size, had she been an average human female she may have been fitted anywhere around a 36c to a 36e. Though the clothing she wears does little to show her body you can only guess.
Her waist is impossibly thin and her belly button would be cute and might very well be pierced.
The hips that carry her small torso on the other hand would be wide and sturdy, giving her joints an extra degree or two of freedom. Unsurprisingly given the width of her hips the ample round bottom of her rear is enough to cushion this dainty girl from the hardest of falls. The top of her bottom, where you might find your tailbone, is adorned with a small but cute plush bunny tail with a cotton texture, accommodated by her outfits much like her ears.
Her legs are, like her arms, very thin and dainty. Small feet with painted nails much like her hands, and without any callouses or blemishes. Her calves are thin with smooth curves, gradually packing on more and more meat the further up her thighs you travel eventually coming to those wide hips and pert backside.

[Vulnerability]:: What you may have noticed by now depending on your familiarity with nature is how incredibly fragile she seems. With hollow bones to thank for her delicate features and vulnerabilities. A man could snap her limbs like twigs between his fingers. That sounds like a fate she might rather wish to avoid. Being natural prey certainly doesn't help her avoidant personality one bit.

[Diet]:: She is often found drinking her favorite lemon tea or nibbling on melonpan. When she eats you might find she prefers fruits and carrots, pomegranate, daikon, turnips, salads, cake, biscuits, walnuts, almonds, cashews, and so on. She's probably a vegetarian from the looks of it.

[Bunnies]:: Lagomorphs are sacred beings in many ancient mythologies associated with life, springtime, fertility, tricks, luck, and mysteries. Centzon Totochtin of the Aztecs, Pucas and later witches of the Celtics, Wn hieroglyph of Egypt, Ôstara's companion of Germanic folklore, Hare of Inaba, and (white jade) Jade Rabbit of China and Japan.

[Self Defense]:: In order to protect herself from the gruesome realities of life this young girl has been quite studious. She has learned acupuncture and developed her skills over time to understand the living body. While she has not yet completed her studies or found a grand master sensei she has still developed quite a repertoire of unusual techniques.

[Needles]:: She owns a set of golden and silver tools that she keeps well maintained and frequently purifies. Among the set are a pair of golden conductive needles that she frequently uses. Gently tracing her finger over the skin may leave an artery sliced open before anything is suspected. Other times the use of acupuncture might be used to disable foes or lead to fatal organ failure.

[Pressure Points]:: The secret techniques were developed in distant lands unknown to most. How she has come to learn of such things is unknown, but while she has yet to master the techniques her studious nature shows promise. When applied correctly, implosion and expulsion of biological materials is a likely consequence.

[Unstable Ground]:: By using obscure movements and momentary unmatched confidence her target can sometimes be caught off guard. Applying the slightest of pressure to their torso with her finger can be enough to topple even a giant that allows themselves to get caught up in her pace.

[Acrobatics]:: Being small of stature and petite with hollow bones can have some advantages too. She may skillfully perch herself up on the sword arm of a great warrior attempting to slash her, then daze him by flicking her finger to his forehead.
Other times she will slip out of reach, or slide under legs. Even scaling a large creatures body to vulnerable points at their head might not be out of question.

[Stance]:: She may alternate between stances of various styles depending on the situation. Yet she is almost always crouching or leaning forward, letting momentum help power some of her techniques. The obscure economy of motion and swiftness of movement aids her in avoiding most troublesome hazards thrown her way.

[Aging]:: She does not age naturally beyond adult until she dies or is destroyed. This is a fey trait.

[Blindsense 60]:: She can pinpoint the location of others out to 60ft based on hearing alone.

[Blindsight 5]:: 'Perceiving' things 5ft of her as a supernatural ability.

[Auras]:: Sometimes a faint psionic aura of amethyst and lemony azure.

[Settings]:: All editions, but new contradicts old so I play that new is an alternative view or extra world. Like feywild + timless realm + dream realm + wandering court + etc.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf