Iznee Gem-Eye

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Name: Iznee (AKA Izzy)
Race: Goblin
Gender: Shemale
Age: Appears in her Late 20s.
Height: Three feet, nine inches.  
Hair: Red with black highlights.
Eyes: Red, flickering with magic.  Adorned with glasses.
Skin: A nice flawless green.
Build: VERY curvy, a short stack.  
Occupation: Flesh Crafter. (Mage)
Role: Switch, likes giving as much as taking.
Speech: Speaks with a heavy German accent.  

This thick goblin demands your attention.  Every move carefully calculated, every sentence wonderfully woven.  She was made for the spotlight.  

There were too many things on Iznee that caught the eye, so we'll start from the top.  A thick head of red hair with dark highlights running through it.  Usually done up in some style or another.  Upon her face sat a set of glasses, whether she needed them or just wanted them there was unknown.  But she peered through them with her red eyes, magically enhanced of course.  

Izzy had a nice green skin as she was obviously a goblin.  That skin adorned with quite a few piercings along her body in various places.  But she had a slightly chubby frame, certainly well built for sin.  Those MASSIVE tits and HUGE ass of hers being another of the many attention grabbers on her body.  Each definitely a great squeeze (or more) for those lucky enough to get their hands on her.  

And reading up to this point you noticed that large bulge upon her pelvis if she was wearing tight pants as she liked to do.  A nice pierced dick sitting quite snug on her pelvis.  As well as that large, hairless sack full of potent goblin spunk.

Lights: I am open to all races and genders.  If you have any questions about certain things I am tell friendly.  I will always go with the RP wherever it may go, and my character will react accordingly to whatever happens.  But here's an F-List for those that want some ideas.  


WARNING: Character can and most of the time will be very rude!  This is only the character, player is very friendly!  Anything she says or does may not align with what the player would do in her shoes!  Izzy is a cunt!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling