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4' 10"
Lesser Angel of Arkady
Picky Pansexual Switch/Switch


Dae twisted about, considering her reflection in the silvered glass as she swayed one way then the other, lifting herself up on her heels then falling back abruptly to cause the ample curvature of her cheeks to bounce.  A quiet sigh of dissatisfaction escaped the diminutive angel a she reached back to grip her tush with one hand, fingers pressing into the untoned softness of her ass as she gave it a squeeze, then a sharp smack to send the flesh rippling as she swayed back around to get a look at the front.  She would never have the sculpted figure of a warrior like her mother.. but at least she filled out the silhouette suggested by her wide, child-bearing hips.

Her profile coming up as she swung around, the little diva stopped to gaze at herself.  She really was not just small, but in reality but for the sheer weight of her assets she wondered if she would simply disappear, if anyone would even notice her if she fell haphazard beneath the wheels of a cart - standing just four feet and ten paltry inches from the ground at the height of her blue hair's brush against the sky.. Dae had always been outright tiny, but in a family of giants who soared on average three times her height, she was not merely head-and-shoulders beneath even the busts of her divine kindred, but oft at best left to stare at their armored thighs- only the sheer cutting nature of the petulant angel's voice kept her safe from being trod on by her greater-sized lessers.

She pressed a hand to the unfairly narrow, wasp-like waist she was blessed with, the Goddess' touch upon her, like all the angels chained to her divine whim, more than obvious in 'Kady's demand for something beyond mortal physical perfection.  Still, she could have trained as she'd been scolded to a thousand times, could have toned beauty into the martial perfection her mother demanded.. but no, Dae had always been tender to the touch, delicate to behold.  Fragile, but for the sheer ruthlessness required in stuffing her overample figure into her many dresses that ever seemed to cling too tight.

Little hands insufficient to the task tracing upward to grip up beneath her generous bust, she could at least admire what her small stature did for the sheer bosomy weight of her being, the faintest movement of her hands almost hidden beneath the over-spilling mass of her soft breasts.. and sensitive too, she couldn't help but note the rosy hue to her cheeks as she lightly kneaded her flesh a moment, incapable of resisting the urge entire before pulling her hands away and up into her hair, pulling out the lengths of silken sky to reset her twin ponytails for the day.

A pleased smile she allowed herself only in these moments of solitude and self-examination; the way her bountiful chest rippled and bounced as she retasked her hands wasn't an allure lost on the petite divine- it pleased her, inwardly, knowing full well the effect of her motherly figure wrapped in just enough sheer cloth to press unnecessarily close, swelling with every breath, every step designed to draw the gaze and distract the mind in a land where surely wanton hands would follow wandering eyes.  She leaned closer to the mirror, even letting herself be pulled away a moment by the view- though a moment later azure eyes sparkling with an electric inner light rolled upward, a breath of amusement at her own vanity passing her lips, even as she gave them a pout and checked the arcane perfection of her makeup.

She blew a kiss to the image of Imperial superiority staring back at her, smile taking on the hint of a smirk as she abruptly spun about on the tips of her toes- as light on her feet as she was oddly dense to the touch, weight of little matter where wings were involved; although Dae's rarely more than faintly stirred, flicking against the air as if at a perceived itch, or else folding tightly against her back the better to fit into spaces smaller yet.  It didn't stop her from idly abusing the natural levitation she leaned into, feathers of the palest snow barely disturbed as she took in the full view of herself all the way about, a final assessment of her readiness for the day's rigors.  She considered her wardrobe a moment, ever and always too limited.. but she would find something and make do; the lewd-minded peasants weren't staring at the dress after all.

Prickly and petite, purposeful and petulant,
Dae is a princess of dreams and nightmares.

Beg to serve.


Whites:  Roleplay!  Story, exploration, character development, quality conversation and long walks on the beach.

Greens:  Dominant partners, submissive partners, women with cocks, women without cocks, large cocks, horsecocks, tentacles, ovipositors, outsiders of all sorts, kitsune, wolves, beasts, paladins, size differences, small groups, addictions, corruption, mind control, impregnation, breeding, incest, lactation, deep throating, excessive cum, clothed sex, strong women that worship her despite her occasionally icy nature, and long waits for long replies.

Yellows:  Men, non-consent, relationships, lack of roleplay before an erotic scene, blank character description.

Red:  Monogamy, clingy behavior, rushing a relationship, public degradation, gore, extreme violence, pedos, bathroom, OOC drama.

Brief or descriptionless replies in a scene; logging out abruptly in a scene.  It's okay if you wish to end a scene or need to go, a polite word is all that's necessary.


I prefer descriptive roleplay and I am happy to wait for replies.  I enjoy roleplaying at any pace, but for a scene paragraph+ replies are necessary.

While I am playing my character I prefer to remain in-character and keep casual ooc chat to a minimum.  I will often turn on 'immersion mode' and disable tells while I am in-character.  If you are interested in your character 'randomly' encountering Dae, the !listplayers command will reveal her location if she is available.

To that end, Dae does not like Sinifer's main street much beyond its proximity to a particular location.  Instead she can often be found relaxing in common rooms and pleasant public places throughout the city and beyond when she's not at work.
If it says she's feeling alone on the list, she probably is.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human