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Name: Dae Lharithlyn
Race: Lesser Angel
Age: Appears 19 / Probably Ancient
Height: 4' 10"

Description -
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Lights -
Whites: Dominant partners, submissive partners, women with cocks, women without cocks, hermaphrodites, tentacles, paladins, celestials, (were)wolves, impregnation, breeding, size differences, cuddling, lactation, deep throating, excessive cum, clothed sex, incest, torrid infatuation, heartfelt romance, women that pamper her despite her petulance

Greens: small groups, addictions, mind control, fox girls, beasts, D/s relationships, long waits for long posts and good rp

Yellows:  Humanoid men, non-consent, lack of rp before erp

Reds:  Jerks, scat, piss, extreme violence, long waits for short posts, and anything against the rules

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Finding Dae-
Dae does not like Sinifer's main street.
Instead she can often be found relaxing in common rooms and pleasant public places throughout the city and beyond.
If it says she's feeling alone on the list, she probably is.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human